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Merit is a German guest at her former American student exchange partner Jenny’s who is now married to a Marine. Her husband Jerry has just returned home and they are throwing a party at the house to welcome him and his friends back. When the party is in full swing, Merit meets Jerry’s brother-in-arms Alex who goes under her skin at once. Sparks fly but Merit is shy and careful and then Alex seems to lose interest and disappears from the house altogether.


Merit ventures out into the darkness to find the man who has affected her like no other ever has.

Will she work up the courage to tell him how she really feels?

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The Book's Creation


For a brief period, I had online contact with a US Marine and during this time, I received a couple of pictures from him. One of those showed him at a party with a beer bottle in his hand. Not that I am fond of men who drink but he didn’t look drunk in the picture and he was quite handsome. I wondered what it would be like to stand there, seeing him like that at the party and when I did, I started to spin a story already.


When I was 16 years old, I went on a 4-week student exchange to Snowqualmie, near Seattle, Washington State in the USA. My exchange student Marika, unfortunately, couldn’t come to visit us here as her pony had kicked her jaw and broken in badly. However, I had a great time over there and felt very happy in the family.


Because of this, I made up the scenario of two exchange students, now grown up, still being friends. The German visits the American who is married to a US Marine and throws a party to welcome her husband home from a deployment while her German friend is there.


One of the guests, which seem to consist only of Marines and their spouses, is Alex. He stands there with a bottle in his hand when Merit sees him first, standing beside the person who takes the picture of him.


The story starts with her reiterating the events of that night as a memory. Watch out for the surprise at the end!

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Coming soon...

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