She Had a Lot of Altitude

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When Leilani Shipper bends over on the plane and handsome Marine hero Jinan Davis runs right into her, the mutual attraction is threatening to take the plane out of the sky with the fireworks their passion produce, but once on the ground, things don’t seem all that wonderful anymore when both are torn harshly out of the clouds by an armed robbery at a jeweller’s.


For once, the independent and confident career woman does not know how to handle the situation and defers to the expert at her side.

Can Jinan, hero on leave, save the day and secure their lasting happiness?

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The Book's Creation


Have you ever watched the beautiful movie “A Walk in the Clouds” with so many great actors, first and foremost, Keanu Reeves? In case you haven’t or it’s so long ago that you cannot recall the details, let me remind you of the scene where the heroic WWII veteran, cajoled by his disloyal wife, travels on the train to sell chocolate in his uniform. There he meets the pregnant Victoria who throws up on his jacket. It is the beginning of an unlikely but epic love story. Yes, I love that movie!


Having this scene in mind, I decided, rather than being thrown up on, I could start my book in a much sexier way. On a plane. And when the passengers board, the female MC bends over because she has dropped something and our female-starved hero who is literally just now returning from deployment overseas runs straight into her luscious behind. Of course, this has consequences and he reacts rather strongly. It then happens that the two get to sit beside each other and eventually join the mile-high club, too. But then, I decided on a twist and a business proposition is offered and accepted.


Of course, there has to be some action, and although it’s a concise novella, the two main characters still manage to stir up quite a scene, which is no small feat in Las Vegas. I loved writing this story. It is sexy, deliciously naughty, fun and filled with heroic action as well. Basically, all the ingredients a good love story needs that has a Marine Special Forces officer as a male MC and a sassy, intelligent and confident business woman as his female counterpart. But read it for yourself and enjoy!

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