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When Leilani Shipper bends over on the plane and handsome Marine hero Jinan Davis runs right into her, the mutual attraction is threatening to take the plane out of the sky with the fireworks their passion produce, but once on the ground, things don’t seem all that wonderful anymore when both are torn harshly out of the clouds by an armed robbery at a jeweller’s.


For once, the independent and confident career woman does not know how to handle the situation and defers to the expert at her side.

Can Jinan, hero on leave, save the day and secure their lasting happiness?

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The Book's Creation


Have you ever watched the beautiful movie A Walk in the Clouds with so many great actors, first and foremost, Keanu Reeves? In case you haven’t or it’s so long ago that you cannot recall the details, let me remind you of the scene where the heroic WWII veteran, cajoled by his disloyal wife, travels on the train to sell chocolate in his uniform. There he meets the pregnant Victoria who throws up on his jacket. It is the beginning of an unlikely but epic love story. Yes, I love that movie!


Having this scene in mind, I decided, rather than being thrown up on, I could start my book in a much sexier way. On a plane. And when the passengers board, the female MC bends over because she has dropped something and our female-starved hero who is literally just now returning from deployment overseas runs straight into her luscious behind. Of course, this has consequences and he reacts rather strongly. It then happens that the two get to sit beside each other and eventually join the mile-high club, too. But then, I decided on a twist and a business proposition is offered and accepted.


Of course, there has to be some action, and although it’s a concise novella, the two main characters still manage to stir up quite a scene, which is no small feat in Las Vegas. I loved writing this story. It is sexy, deliciously naughty, fun and filled with heroic action as well. Basically, all the ingredients a good love story needs that has a Marine Special Forces officer as a male MC and a sassy, intelligent and confident business woman as his female counterpart. But read it for yourself and enjoy!

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Lelani bent forward to pick up the pen she’d dropped on the floor while boarding a plane from Frankfurt airport to Las Vegas. The passenger behind ran into her. To stop her from falling over, he grabbed her hip with one hand and pulled her backwards while he steadied himself with his other on the backrest of the nearest seat. This landed Lelani’s ass in the groin of the man and she felt him grow hard instantly. She quickly straightened and stepped away.

“I’m so sorry, ma’am, I didn’t see you stop and bend down…”

She turned around far enough to catch a glimpse of his face while walking on. What she saw made her stop and turn completely in an instant. He ran into her again. This time, her front was pressed against him.

“Woah, careful!” He tried to pull back at once to conceal the fact that he was fully aroused now, but Lelani didn’t want to get away from him so fast anymore.

He was sex-on-a-stick drop-dead-gorgeous and if he hadn’t been so terribly clumsy, she’d have guessed him to be some kind of a trained military man, judging by his haircut and physique.

His eyes were intelligent, though, telling her that he was more than a gorgeous shell.

“I…I’m sorry. I thought…” she stuttered and broke off.

Meanwhile, she was clinging to his arms. His nostrils were flaring up and his eyes were a smouldering charcoal.

“Move along, please,” a voice behind them called.

Her eyes narrowed at this unwelcome interruption. She turned once again to continue to her seat, but couldn’t help herself and rubbed her hips and ass against his erection in turning before walking on. His hiss and sharp exhale was audible behind her.

Having found her seat by the aisle, she put her bag down on it and lowered her head to get out what she would need.

“Excuse me. Might I pass, please?” It was him. He had obviously booked one of the two seats beside her. “Unless you’d like to move over, if you’re not insisting on sitting by the aisle, ma’am.”

No, she wasn’t! She quite liked the thought of having to reach across him to get drinks, food and buy something. At the same time, she felt shy now. She couldn’t avert her head, so she quickly moved her bag one seat over and began to rummage again in her rucksack.

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Reviews for Love in the Sky

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Love in the Sky gets five hot stars from me.

Lelani Shipper is a gorgeous woman who knows her value. Smart, sexy and independent, she knows what she wants and doesn’t shy away from going for what she desires. Especially when that something happens to be a sex-on-a-stick drop-dead-gorgeous man who is clearly interested in her too. He does seem a bit clumsy, since he literally bumped into her backside while she was bending to retrieve a dropped pen. But her reaction to him is unlike any she had ever had. And Lelani is determined to pursue the feeling, if she can.

Captain Jinan Davis, a Special Ops Marine, is completely taken by surprise by Lelani’s straightforwardness, especially since she makes her desire for him crystal clear. Their mutual attraction is intense and both of them are eager to bring it to the next level. A plane might not be the ideal place for more than a few stolen kisses, but that doesn’t stop either of them from taking it all the way down and wanting more.

Sparks fly, passion flares and the two will get the flight of their lives, especially since they agree to stick together for a while after landing. A clumsy bump on a flight, that led to what could have possibly been the best sex of their lives, is given the opportunity to develop into something much more, after the flight lands.

Love in the Sky is one short little story that delivers in terms of both plot and character build-up, despite the short page count. There’s no open end or loose threads, just a very sweet and happy ever after. And the writing itself is as pleasant and beautiful as it gets. Because Tirza Schaefer is one author who manages to deliver solid steamy hot scenes with an elegance and charm that keeps the beauty in the act of lovemaking. She doesn’t give us dirty rough sex but fiery passion that is both rough and gentle but also full of respect.

If you’re on the lookout for a great steamy read give this one here a try.

It’s sexy, sweet and smoking hot fabulous!

The Magic Book Corner, International Book Blogger

I just loved this book.

Tirza writes in such a way that it becomes easy to connect with the characters and the story. The story flows easily which helps make it a relaxing read. This is the first book I've read by author Tirza Schaefer and will definitely be reading more of her books.

Julie Sweeting, Reader

* * *

Stunningly imaginative!

Wow! Never have I read such a passionate story underpinned with genuine heartfelt romance as its foundation! An amazing short read!

Leila Hardy, Reader

* * *

Just heavenly!

Love in the sky by Tirza Schaefer is another short romance that is way more than merely that, a romance. It is the study of two very different characters meeting on a plane and instantly being attracted to each other. They come from very different backgrounds and points of view, and yet, it becomes quickly apparent that they were made for each other. Both have their own special fields of expertise, both are successful in their chosen fields of professions.


Neither one is jealous or over-bearing, but instead, they naturally combine their respective strengths and skills to make one formidable dreamteam. And it needs a team to get to where they end up in the end as well. This is romance, relationship psychology and fast paced action all rolled into one, rounded off by an HEA that will put a big smile on your face! Get the book. Just read it!

Elizbeth Bennett, Reader

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One big heartthrob! Sigh!

OMG!!! Hot, hot, hot! They meet up in the sky and end up in a hotelroom. For a week! Hot, steamy and romantic, all in one. And of course, the hero wouldn’t be the hero if he didn’t very heroically safe the day when a jeweller’s gets robbed. One big heartthrob! Sigh!

Joyful, Reader

* * *

Love in the Sky is the second book I read from author Tirza Schaefer -the first one was Dating a Hero which I definitely also recommend if you are up for a hot romantic adventure, and I fell head over heels for that love story in the sky!

Big sigh here!!! A hot love affair that sparks up the flame within you of how true passion feels like! What I mostly loved is that there is no "catch" in the way this man falls for this woman, a glimpse of what juicy love is! This book will touch you in so many ways!

Cleo, Reader

* * *

A great quick read!

A great book which I read in just under an hour. Intense but cool all at the same time. Highly recommended.

Becki, Reader

The sizzle is off the charts!


This is a great quick read about a Marine on leave and a business woman who meet on a plane going cross-Atlantic to Las Vegas. One for pleasure, the other for business. The sizzle between both is off the charts and they join the mile-high club. But their relationship doesn't stop there and a sweet, adventurous and very hot story unfolds.

I loved that both MCs, Leilani and Jinan, were equal partners from the start and each deferred to the other when it was their area of expertise, no one crossed lines in their interaction and there was not only lustful attraction but also deep respect and growing affection between the two.

It is a short novella and things unfold at a rapid pace. So in case you're not into insta-love/lust, this might not be for you, although it is written in a very natural and believable way and doesn't feel forced at all. Kudos to the author for pulling that off, by the way. I'm looking forward to reading more from her!

Zoe McAllistair, Reader

* * *


I loved Jinan and Lelani story!! It’s short but I absolutely loved it! I loved how Jinan was with Lelani and I love how the meet I thought it was kinda funny and it suits both the characters well! 🥰 oh and the SpiCyyyyYyyyy 🥵🔥

Definitely will be re-reading and definitely recommend you give it a read!!! 🖤

Zthebookwormz, Reader

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MSt SA 10 Love in the Sky 11.png

Delightfully Hot!

This was a delightfully hot short story! It has insta-love, a little fake dating and sizzling chemistry. I really enjoyed the ride.

Booked by Raven, Reader

* * *


X, Reader

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