She Turned Blind to Truly See



Ashani is an adventurous woman. When a new restaurant opens in her hometown, she has to try it out, because it is not an ordinary place to eat. It is completely dark because it is run by blind people and the concept is designed to bring customers the experience of what it feels like to be blind, what challenges these people are faced with in ordinary life. Ashani has ordered a table for one, but when her booking has mysteriously got lost, she is invited to share a table with Amun, The Hidden. Ashani cannot see him, yet his voice entices her senses until she agrees to play a game with him.

But then the game turns serious and Ashani no longer knows which world she prefers as she is drawn ever deeper into the tendrils of sweet seduction by the one who is hidden.

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Creation of The Book


Soon to Come...

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An Excerpt


Ashani felt her way carefully at the hand of the blind waitress in the totally blackened restaurant.


“You can guarantee me that I am going to get vegetarian food and you won’t mix up the plates or anything?” she asked with concern for the third time now.


“You have my word on it. I will personally take care of it. I’m sorry there was a mix up with your table, though. Luckily, the gentleman who is on his own has very kindly agreed to share his table with you and as you said, you don’t mind, either...”


“That’s fine. I won’t see him anyway,” Ashani grinned.


The waitress chuckled quietly. She was blind and found her way easily around the dark restaurant. Ashani wondered what it would be like to live in perpetual darkness. She loved the night, she often went for walks in the forest when no one else was around. She usually took a torch, especially when it was New Moon. However, she didn’t really use it. She was too excited by groping in the dark. Well, she could usually see the moon and some faint shapes of trees in the night.


But now it was pitch black. And she didn’t have a choice. The darkness was controlled by someone else. Her one consolation was that she could get out again, out of this restaurant, back into the sunlight. But some people didn’t have that choice. For example, her waitress. She was blind and she could not switch on the light or step out into the sun. Well, she could, of course, but it would not illuminate her sense of sight. She would keep living in perpetual darkness. But she found her way around it, something Ashani could not say of herself. She didn’t have the practice that was needed to do so with confidence.


“There we are. This is your chair, there is the table. Can you feel it?”


Ashani affirmed. She felt herself to her seat and moved forward to the table, stepping on someone’s foot in the process. Quickly, she lifted her foot up and apologized.


“No problem. It didn’t hurt,” the sexiest voice Ashani had ever heard said.


Now this was a pleasant surprise. Ashani was a sucker for voices and when she heard a particularly nice timbre, she liked to close her eyes in order to concentrate more on her sense of hearing without being distracted by sight. For a moment, she was glad she couldn’t see anything. She could imagine what this man looked like and maybe even enjoy a chat with him, without being distracted by his looks. He sounded really handsome, though. Drop-dead-gorgeous, in fact. And another bonus of the darkness was that he could not see her blushing. He or anyone else. Suddenly, she felt overly grateful for the complete darkness surrounding them.


“I’m glad. Thanks for letting me sit with you,” she said because she hoped he would say something else.


“I cheated. I had a look at you outside,” he confessed which shot fire through her veins in an instant. Still, she decided to play it cool.


“And which one were you? The one with the potbelly and thick glasses?” she replied with quick wit.


There hadn’t been a pot-bellied man with thick glasses in the queue. The man sitting at a right angle to her chuckled and remarked as much. Ashani cursed mentally. Did he have to be such a smartass? But how come she had not noticed him? If he had been overly good-looking she would have noticed, wouldn’t she? She was frantically trying to remember whom she had seen and what those men had looked like. Strangely enough for a straight woman, Ashani observed that she remembered the women a lot more detailed than any men.


“What I didn’t see or hear was your name, I’m afraid. Would you tell me?” he asked unperturbed.


„Ashani. And yours?”


She had to know. She couldn’t feign too much indifference. After all, she was merely being polite, right? She was making smalltalk, nothing more.


“What a beautiful name. It is Sanskrit for thunder and lightning, storm and so forth, isn’t it?” the man with the sensual voice asked. Ashani gasped in surprise. How did he know? And did it mean he was a skinny little Indian guy with a massive moustache and sticks for arms and legs like the ones who had occasionally stalked her on Facebook? If he had grown up in an English-speaking country, it would explain the lack of an accent. But she wasn’t Indian and she had an Indian name of which she knew the meaning.


“And Supreme Goddess,” Ashani elaborated, deciding to take another – verbal step forward.

“It suits you very well,” he said.


“Are you always this charming?” she counter-questioned him.


“Only when it is worth my while,” he replied smoothly with a distinct smile in his voice.


“Oh, I’m sharing the table with a mysterious egomaniac!” Ashani remarked with mock-breathlessness.


“Don’t condemn me just yet, I beg you,” he said softly.


It sounded nearly like a caress. Or maybe it sounded very much like a caress, because then he took her hand, laying his gently over hers on the table, while hitting the mark on the first try. Ashani was impressed and surprised, so she didn’t pull her hand away at once. His hand felt reassuring and strong, yet very gentle.


He was fast getting under her skin, she thought, surprised at herself and how easily she was falling under his spell.

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