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Power or Spirit Animals have their very own way of teaching and guiding you, or just spending time together. They are a wonderful source to connect to nature and the animal kingdom. They can also guide you to the Lower World to work on the deeper parts of your psyche, your instincts and intuition. Check out more Power Animals here.



Loyalty, friendship, commitment, perseverance, endurance, fidelity, companionship, devotion, guidance, mindfulness, trust, protection, appreciation, forming bonds, deepening of relationships



Dog stands for loyalty. According to the Dictionary, the origin of the word loyalty can be traced through Old French, fidelity; legitimacy; honesty; good quality; and to Latin going back to the word legalislegal, from lex, meaning law.


A law is fixed. It is always so. This gives us a good idea about the real meaning of the word loyalty. It is unwavering and steadfast, a dedication to a feeling, thing, deed, person or place. Its essence is consistency and endurance.


As dogs are very popular pets and also companions in many professions, most people are aware of the common loyalty dogs show towards their human carers or handlers. Once a dog has decided or been trained to follow you, you have to be really nasty and horrible towards this animal for it to break this bond. Usually, it is very deep and enduring. In some extreme cases, dogs have also known to lie down on their human’s grave and not budge, choosing death rather than living on without their beloved human friend.


Dog tells us to be loyal to ourselves first and foremost, to who we are and how we wish to express this, our essence, in our lives. It reminds us to be persistent, not to give up and be swayed easily by outer circumstances, but keep moving forward on our path regardless. Once we do this, we will also encounter people and opportunities that support us in this. Then it is for us to honour this by being loyal to those in turn and support and assist them in expressing themselves freely and achieving their dreams and desires.



This does not mean to allow others to use or abuse our goodwill. The cosmic immutable law is that like attracts like, so when we are loyal to ourselves, we attract people who are equally loyal in our lives. When we give this loyalty in return, it perpetuates this energy and expands.


When you encounter Dog as a power or spirit animal, you should meditate upon your own essence and soul desires, the things that make your heart sing. Are you loyal to your goals? Are you showing appreciation for the people who are consistently your companions on your path of self-fulfillment?


Take time to honour those true friends by spending some time with them, inquiring how they are, supporting them in turn and showing your gratitude. Spend quality time and laugh together, be your own and your friends’ cheerleader. In a relationship where none is jealous, ill-meaning or trying to dominate another by pushing their own agenda without regard to the other’s aspirations and needs, there is growth, expansion, freedom, love and much joy in sharing and celebrating our own and each other’s achievements.


Remember that the pack is stronger than having individuals fight and try to hamper each other. When one rises, the others are never far behind. There is no room for competition, only for mutual support and shared love and encouragement.



Bau (Sumerian)

Gula (Mesepotamian)

Hecate (Greek)

Artemis (Greek)

Diana (Roman)

Hel (Norse)

Cerridwen (Welsh)

Xiwangmu (Chinese)

Xolotl (Aztec)

Ares (Greek)

Hades (Greek)

Cernunnos (Celtic)

Anubis (Egyptian)

Bhairava (Hindu)

Panhu (Chinese)

Samara (Hindu)

Cerberus (Greek)

Garm (Norse)

Shisa (Okinawan, Japanese)

Shabala (Hindu)

Baxian (Chinese)

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