A Flight Took Her to Heaven on Earth

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Weston Ashville, a world-famous rockstar who is solely dedicated to his career, meets a beautiful young woman on an aeroplane between Europe and the States. She is the one woman who doesn’t show any interest in him and yet, he cannot keep his eyes off her. Soon, however, he finds out that there is more to her than is apparent to the eyes.

Caught in a whirlwind between decorum and desire, Weston has to come to a decision whether he wants to seduce Dana or not. When they hit the ground, he loses more than a fling in the clouds.

Can he save the day and win back his lost love to return with her to Cloud Nine?

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The Book's Creation


A long time ago, I had a partner who was really good at imitating camp voices. I had just got off the plane and was greeted by said man with a mug of coffee when I walked in and when I grabbed the mug, it was very hot, so I flinched a little. My partner made fun, pretending to be a very camp gay waiter fussing over me and this reminded me of the flight attendant on the plane. That young man had been very nice, but I thought it would be more fun to write a story with more than one character up in the air.


Previously on the plane, I had thought about being with my partner again and I couldn’t wait to get there and drag him to bed. My vivid imagination really set me on fire, so I naturally started to think about what we could do of we were on the plane together. So this imaginary scenario coupled with my partner playing pranks got me the outline of the story of Cloud Nine.


At least the beginning. So when I had time next, I started to write the story and made my man play camp flight attendant again to get the humour captured in my story. Later, when we were apart again, I sent him the manuscript as far as I’d got and he surprised me by sending me a few paragraphs he’d added. Suffice it to say, writing narrative wasn’t his strongest suit, so I told him very carefully and kindly that I’d be happy to hear of any ideas he had, but would prefer to write it out myself, so it was kept in the same style. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.


He blew me a kiss over the phone and told me, his ego could take a rejection and we had a good laugh. Then I left the story for a while and came back to it later, long after I was single again. I worked over the storyline once more and added a fair bit, too. What had been a short story for my personal amusement had turned into a proper book manuscript, as I was now looking at my writing through the eyes of a published author.


Instead of the female protagonist Dana merely being upgraded on the plane, so she would end up sitting beside Weston Ashville the rockstar, who definitely didn’t fly tourist class, there came an entire intro about torn clothes, a skirt too small to cover the vitals and a whole scenario on the plane ensuing from this with an old man, another flight attendant and a confused rockstar. It gave the entire story so much more humour, life and flesh. And I love to laugh. A lot. Ask my children or my friends. I had great fun working over and adding to the manuscript and when I finally held the finished piece of work in my hands, I didn’t like how it ended.


So I sat down and started again at the end. Instead of the little fight, make up and happily ever after, I decided, Dana wasn’t going to take it. She definitely had my rebellious streak. So she went out and showed Weston that she didn’t need him or need to use him for anything. And this convinced him that he had – once again – assumed the worst of her without checking the facts first. And then I had to add the pillows and another place to close the cycle. That was a nice touch and, ultimately, gave the book its name, Cloud Nine.

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