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Carry Bishop is on the run from New York City after a date gone sour. The florist gets stranded on the road when her car breaks down and she has to seek help. When she flags down a biker, assuming, he’d be a good mechanic to help her fix her car, she is not prepared for what is going to happen next.


Dan protects her from the man she is running from and takes her with him on a wild ride, all the way down to Tennessee to see some friends. When Carry considers buying a florist shop out there, things unfold in a much different manner than expected. She finds out that Dan has lied to her and his friends kept his confidence. A corrupt, shady lawyer is taking advantage of an old lady and things begin to spin out of control.


Can Dan, his best friend Ranger and the bunch of Merry Mechanics save the day and will Carry and Dan overcome the odds and find a way to be together?


This book is full of hotter-than-hellfire scenes, hilarious situations that will have you double over with laughter, and people, as different as they are from each other, who are bonded in friendship and love with fierce loyalty and code of honour.

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The Book's Creation


I woke up one morning, feeling vibrant. That doesn’t happen often. It’s not that I don’t look forward to the new day, I merely oftentimes wish that it wouldn’t start quite so early. So on that particular morning, I felt really energetic and as I went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for school for my children, I put on some music. One of my all-time feelgood songs is “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf.


I’m not usually a rock chick, but I’ll always get on the back of a bike when I have the opportunity to do so. As this doesn’t happen often, maybe once every few years, I don’t turn it down when the opportunity presents itself and the person riding the bike is trustworthy. So the movie and the song hold a feeling of freedom for me, life beginning beyond the horizon, adventures, wide and wild stretches of roads. And then it also helps to kick off that imagination when you’ve just watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy.


Okay, I admit, I hadn’t discovered that series yet at the time I wrote the book, which only came later when I signed up for Netflix, but I’d just read a biker romance novella on my Kindle. Tall, strong handsome, inked and riding a Harley is definitely something dreams can be made of, as long as said biker isn’t a criminal chauvinist, of course.


As soon as the children were out of the house, I sat down with my writing pad (I mostly write by hand and type up later) and started to think. How could a sweet innocent woman from New York City meet such a biker? And then the story unfolded in front of my inner eyes. Her car had broken down, she didn’t have money to tow it and had to get away fast because she was on the run through no fault of her own.


Carry puts her life into Dan’s hands and he actually proceeds to save it before they even get onto the road. The next stop is a biker bar. And because they had to have the same destination or at least direction, they are travelling to Tennessee together. On the way, they meet the gang of three merry mechanics and besides some adventure and hot scenes, there is a lot to laugh.


This book, besides “Opposites Attract,” is probably the funniest. I was laughing tears as I created the character of Bear, one of the merry mechanics, who is big and burly, but has as big a heart as his intellectual faculties are limited. From threatening to crush someone’s skull to snot-crying on Carry's breast like a little boy, he is taking the reader through a wild journey of emotions and misunderstandings that cause some hilarious outbursts.


And then there are Ranger and Donna at the end of the journey and the real action starts as Dan and his friends plan and execute a wedding and save a town from a corrupt lawyer who holds everyone under his thumb, including his own sister. Of course, there are still plenty of wild rides – not only on Dan’s bike – and Carry learns to assert herself with some unsuspected consequences.

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Her ass hit his groin and she blushed furiously. The men smirked and she lowered her eyes but then decided to give them all a hard stare. After all, she was Dan’s girl, right? Better get her own street cred, or whatever they called it here.


“Ooh! Kitty has claws,” Bear laughed. “Where did you get that little goodie-two-shoes, man?”


“I didn’t. She got me,” Dan grinned, looking smug.


“Schmuck!” Marty grinned.


“Yeah, whoever believes it! Which self-respecting lady would want your sorry, hairy ass, anyway,” Dave grumbled.


“I beg your pardon,” Carry cut in. “First of all, I’m not goodie-two-shoes or whatever you call it. My name is Carry. Furthermore, Dan happened to assist me with a minor challenge I was facing and he’s been very kind and gentlemanly in his demeanour towards me. And as to his smell, I have nothing to complain about. His personal hygiene leaves nothing to be desired – unlike that of a few other people in this establishment, I dare say.”

Bear looked utterly perplexed from her to Dan.

“What did she say?” he asked, making everyone burst into loud, raw laughter.

“She said, he’s been helping her and he smells good ‘n’ clean and the guys here don’t,” Weasel translated.

“Ah, why doesn’t she just say so?” Bear asked.

He was obviously not the brightest, Carry thought.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Bear, I will try and speak more plainly for your benefit,” she smiled politely at Bear.

“Mister Bear?” Bear asked incredulously. “No one’s ever called me a Mister before.”

“Just call him Bear before his tiny brain short-circuits,” Dave grumbled.

“My brain isn’t tiny! I’m not stupid,” Bear growled.

He was angry now and got up halfway off his chair. Carry quickly laid a hand on his forearm.

“I’m sure, he didn’t mean that, did you, Dave?”

She flashed her eyes warningly at Dave.

Dave blushed and cringed under her stare.

“Sorry, Bear. Didn’t mean that.”

Bear sat down again.

“She didn’t call you Mister,” he triumphed. “And if anyone here’s got a hairy ass, it’s me!” he added proudly.

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Reviews for Born to Be Wild

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S for Schaefer and S for Sizzle!


This author brings the heat! Great work with multiple characters and storytelling. Some parts were funny and I like that. Makes me wonder what lies between the pages of her other books.

Stefanie Nici, Author

Wow, this is hot!


I've got a Harley myself, so I was pretty curious about this book. It's perhaps a little light on the bike riding side for my taste but the story carries on just as well when the two main characters change over to a van filled with the merry mechanics. There is heat almost from the start and I love how the man, Dan, seduces Carry, the woman, without touching her and getting her to make all the moves because she is scared and needs to feel in control. Clever strategy. And it works.


She's really into him and even though they encounter some challenges along the way in the relationship, there is a lot more to the story. Criminal elements, funny friends - Bear made me laugh out loud several times - and also those suffering from unrequited love and not handling it too well.


This book contains a lot of additional characters and they all have distinct personalities and functions in the story building. I really loved the variety and that it flows together so nicely at the same time. Great book and really, really hot!

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader

A wonderful tale.


The author expresses themselves so passionately in these words and has done a fantastic job in creating such a fantastic world. The book was full of adventure from start to finish. I immediately fell in love with the characters as the author had made them so likeable. The way the author paints a picture of the world around them is stunning.

I will absolutely be buying more books from this author. I will be highly recommending this author to everyone I know.

Dark Raven Reviews, Reader

A steamy, suspenseful read! Well written and I enjoyed the twists and turns.

Amanda Shepherd, Reader

A Sexy and Funny Good Time!

Carry is a sexy young woman who after almost being assaulted and raped on a date decides to grab whatever she can and leave town. Her date was a very wealthy and very slimy lawyer who threatened to ruin her name if she didn't comply with his wishes. Unfortunately for Carry, her car breaks down just 100 miles away and she knows the lawyer is hot on her tail. Along comes Dan, a very large and very buff biker who offers her a ride and instead ends up dispatching the nasty lawyer with just one punch.


Carry rides off with Dan and headfirst into wild and comical adventures spiced with steamy toe-curling sex. "Born To Be Wild" is part comedy, part suspenseful thriller, and part erotic romp. I had a great time reading this book and I am sure you will too.

Kevin Lintner, Reader

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MSt Born to Be Wild 03.png

A Sex-filled Thrill Ride!

Born to be Wild is an erotic romance story between lovers Carry and Dan. They meet due to Carry's car breaking down along the highway and she flags down this good looking man on a Harley. She's not too sure if she did the right though after seeing how massive he is and all the tattoos he proudly wears, but he helps her out of a bad situation and introduces her to his biker friends.


He calls her "his woman" and she's not really comfortable with that at first, but she warms up to the idea of being with him and soon discovers how much she likes him! But Dan is keeping something from Carry ...


Will she flee or stay when she discovers his secret? Read the story to find out! A very good read!

Karen Bennett, Reader

I absolutely loved the storyline and Tirza's writing draws you in.

This book was a page turner! I could not put it down! I absolutely loved the story line and Tirza's writing draws you in so you feel like you are right there with them.

Amazing!! Will be starting another book of hers right away!!!


Jean Walker, Reader


Born to Be Wild

Help-seeking girl finds her prince where she certainly did not expect it.
Dan, a biker turns out to be the Prince on the white horse for Carry, the florist. The two main characters Dan and Carry and their story are once again written so vividly that you suffer with them, love and float in seventh heaven. But the supporting characters are so vividly described that they awaken to life while reading.

Again, I am deeply impressed. Tirza Schaefer has managed once more that I could not put the book out of my hands.

Kindle-Kunde, Reader

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