They Went on a Wild Ride from NYC to Tennessee

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Carry Bishop is on the run from New York City after a date gone sour. The florist gets stranded on the road when her car breaks down and she has to seek help. When she flags down a biker, assuming, he’d be a good mechanic to help her fix her car, she is not prepared for what is going to happen next.


Dan protects her from the man she is running from and takes her with him on a wild ride, all the way down to Tennessee to see some friends. When Carry considers buying a florist shop out there, things unfold in a much different manner than expected. She finds out that Dan has lied to her and his friends kept his confidence. A corrupt, shady lawyer is taking advantage of an old lady and things begin to spin out of control.


Can Dan, his best friend Ranger and the bunch of Merry Mechanics save the day and will Carry and Dan overcome the odds and find a way to be together?


This book is full of hotter-than-hellfire scenes, hilarious situations that will have you double over with laughter and people, as different as they are from each other, who are bonded in friendship and love with fierce loyalty and code of honour.

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The Book's Creation


I woke up one morning, feeling vibrant. That doesn’t happen often. It’s not that I don’t look forward to the new day, I merely oftentimes wish that it wouldn’t start quite so early. So on that particular morning, I felt really energetic and as I went to the kitchen to make sandwiches for school for my children, I put on some music. One of my all-time feelgood songs is “Born to Be Wild” by Steppenwolf.


I’m not usually a rock chick, but I’ll always get on the back of a bike when I have the opportunity to do so. As this doesn’t happen often, maybe once every few years, I don’t turn it down when the opportunity presents itself and the person riding the bike is trustworthy. So the movie and the song hold a feeling of freedom for me, life beginning beyond the horizon, adventures, wide and wild stretches of roads. And then it also helps to kick off that imagination when you’ve just watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy.


Okay, I admit, I hadn’t discovered that series yet at the time I wrote the book, that only came later when I signed up for Netflix, but I’d just read a biker romance novella on my Kindle. Tall, strong handsome, inked and riding a Harley is definitely something dreams can be made of, as long as said biker isn’t a criminal chauvinist, of course.


As soon as the children were out of the house, I sat down with my writing pad (I mostly write by hand and type up later) and started to think. How could a sweet innocent woman from New York City meet such a biker? And then the story unfolded in front of my inner eyes. Her car had broken down, she didn’t have money to tow it and had to get away fast because she was on the run through no fault of her own.


Carry puts her life into Dan’s hands and he actually proceeds to save it before they even get onto the road. The next stop is a biker bar. And because they had to have the same destination, or at least direction, they are travelling to Tennessee together. On the way, they meet the gang of three merry mechanics and besides some adventure and hot scenes, there is a lot to laugh.


This book, besides “Opposites Attract,” is probably the funniest. I was laughing tears as I created the character of Bear, one of the merry mechanics, who is big and burly, but has as big a heart as his intellectual faculties are limited. From threatening to crush someone’s skull to snot-crying on Carry's breast like a little boy, he is taking the reader through a wild journey of emotions and misunderstandings that cause some hilarious outbursts.


And then there are Ranger and Donna at the end of the journey and the real action starts as Dan and his friends plan and execute a wedding and save a town from a corrupt lawyer who holds everyone under his thumb, including his own sister. Of course, there are still plenty of wild rides – not only on Dan’s bike – and Carry learns to assert herself with some unsuspected consequences.

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