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Power or Spirit Animals have their very own way of teaching and guiding you, or just spending time together. They are a wonderful source to connect to nature and the animal kingdom. They can also guide you to the Lower World to work on the deeper parts of your psyche, your instincts and intuition. Check out more Power Animals here.


Decisive action, fast decision making, looking more deeply into a matter, intuitive wisdom


War & Fertility

The Antelope lives in herds and can be found in African and Eurasia. It is a bovine species, meaning it belongs to the family of Bovidae, but appears a lot more deer-like than the others, which are cattle, buffalo, bison and yak, sheep and goats. Antelopes don’t only live in herds for safety in numbers, but they also instinctively rely on each other. When one antelope senses danger, the entire herd moves as one and takes flight.


In Ancient Egyptian mythology, we find an Antelope Goddess called Satis, but also known as Anuket and other names. She was a protector in war, also reigned over hunting and fertility and came to symbolise the annual flooding of the Nile which was celebrated by throwing gifts of grain and precious jewellery into the waters to ensure that the inundation would bring fertile red soil and ensure a rich harvest.


Antelope’s movements are as athletic, acrobatic and graceful as they are powerful and fast. It can leap over great distances or also heights. It runs, changes direction in full speed, almost like a hare. Most Antelopes live in Africa and almost all in savannah-type environments, which makes sense considering their body-built and movements. The expanse of the savannah is perfect for their running and leaping.


Swift Action

Antelope is the symbol of decisive action, not only for one’s self but for the family, community, country or humankind on the whole. The decision that has to be taken needs to be considered from a wider perspective, but it needs to be taken fast, as otherwise, all will suffer and there will be dire consequences if none is taken.


There is a myth that before the ice age, humans were not carnivores and when the glaciers moved in and plant-based food became rare, Antelope showed up and offered itself as food and warm clothing for the humans to survive. Had they not taken action and hunted animals, many, if not all humans, would have starved and frozen to death.


Antelope asks you to make a decision and take action on it to the greater good of all. It reminds you to be resourceful and look beyond the obvious to find a solution to the challenge you are facing, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Keep the wider context in mind and the consequences your decisive action has not only on you but also on others involved.


Antelopes are said to possess great intelligence, wisdom, speed and intuition. It teaches us to look more deeply into a matter, not with the analytical mind, but to tap into our own divine wisdom to find the answers quickly we need and take action based on those messages. If we are shy to be decisive or loathe to take action and rather procrastinate, Antelope teaches us to be quick and do what is necessary to bring a desired outcome and not get ourselves into greater trouble because of inaction. Sticking your head into the sand is not going to work well when Antelope is around.


Anuket (Egyptian)

Satet (Egyptian)

Oya (Voodoo)

Aghori (Hindu)

Astarte (Sumerian)

Chandra (Hindu)

Attar (South Arabian; gender, role and name varies across cultures)

Ci Wara (West African Bambara people; both male and female)

Ea (Akkadian)

Marduk (Mesopotamian)


Heart Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra



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