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Thoughts Inspiration Education: What Are Deities?

Services by Tirza Schaefer

When all that is, is me, what then are deities and what are they useful for? Deities, like your fellow human beings, exist or not according to your perception, the way you create your world, your life experience. Or they might exist and are elusive.

If you look at your spouse, your parents, your children and your boss as “real”, then so are deities and angels and ascended masters, etc. Or demons, for that matter, They are something you choose to have in your reality. Or not. Although I advise you strongly to allow only high vibrational beings into your reality. And yes, it’s your choice, you are the creator.

Services by Tirza Schaefer

These so-called super-natural beings (literally: higher than nature) merely operate in and from another dimension of existence. And when you are open to it, you may have encounters, which can range from reading something about them to having visions of interaction with them.

Only, deities are not super-natural. Nothing is higher than nature because nature is the life force energy we also call life, the DIVINE or God. And that is all and everything. It is YOU. So there is nothing outside of you and nothing higher than you. Digest this. This statement goes against thousands of years of religious indoctrination.

Goddess Reiki Session by Tirza Schaefer

So what are deities good for, if they are not higher than us, if they don’t wield power over us?

The answer is not nothing, as you might think. It is whatever the hell you so damn please. Because yes, you’re the one in charge of your own life. To me, I use deities as a lens to hone my focus better on something particular. I use them as friends I can laugh with, teachers I can be open to listening to, just because I like it that way. They are personifications of certain energies and concepts WITHIN ME and through this particular lens, I find these particular qualities and energies easier to connect with and access within myself.

But if you don’t, do it differently. It’s up to you. You choose. You can worship them, laugh at them, deny their existence or cower at their feet. Again, you choose. The only question you should ask is:

What Brings Quality to My Life?

  • Do you like to have a God/Goddess or Gods and Goddesses in your life?

  • If yes, what are your favourites?

  • If no, what is your prefered method of connecting with and focusing on certain energies?

  • How do they bring quality to your life?

  • Does their presence in your life empower you or do you use them to shirk from taking responsibility for your own life creations?

  • The will of God is YOUR will. What do you will into existence in your life?


To help you with gaining greater clarity for the highest expression of your authentic soulpath and experience deeper healing, I offer various readings and Goddess Reiki sessions. Choose from the offers on my Services page!

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