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Hello, I am Tirza Schaefer, author of over 30 books, mainly steamy romance, but also of a variety of spiritual subjects. I love both aspects of my work and it really crosses over into each other.

From childhood, I have been a fan of fictional characters who were heroic, chivalrous and loyal. I loved those who were warriors of a kind, not easily subdued but fought for justice and treated others with kindness. They would not shirk self-imposed responsibility and thus, as I grew into adulthood, I wrote, read and watched many romance stories. It took a long time for me to make the decision to share my stories with the world, so in 2015, I published my first books.

I have since been on TV in the United States, on the radio, various podcasts and live interviews, and also have my own YouTube channels.

Notwithstanding the fact that I lost almost three years to health issues, I am back now, sharing my skills, talents and wisdom through my spiritual work as Goddess Facilitator, helping women who go through major inner and outer changes to find themselves (again), dive deeper within to discover and embrace their inner Goddess and find greater fulfillment and self-empowerment in their lives. If you want to find out more, check out my Services page and my Divine Library with hundreds of pages of free information on Goddesses, Tarot, Power Animals, Gods and Crystals.

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FROMANCE, the Short Edition, is now FREE for download. This short story is the original version that I wrote for a friends-to-lovers romance anthology. The full-length book is in work and will be the third book in the METAVERSE BOOKS. Enjoy this standalone and download it here:

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"Writing is the creative act of putting feelings into words in various styles 

and forms to give shape to ideas with which I reach out to touch people’s hearts."

- Tirza Schaefer

"Tirza Schaefer is one author who manages to deliver solid steamy hot scenes with an elegance and charm that keeps the beauty in the act of lovemaking. She doesn’t give us dirty rough sex but fiery passion that is both rough and gentle but also full of respect."

- Laura D. Child, The Magic Book Corner, International Book Blogger

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HER BADASS BIKERS has been featured by the MBC (The Magic Book Corner), coming in at


I was also asked to write a short story about how one of my characters from this book, Snubbs, helps to build the new den for Laura, owner of the MBC and the world's most fantastic book blogger, and her Bookdragon Jeff after a big dragon sneeze caved in the floor in the old place and a new one was needed.

Visit the page to find the hottest romance reads and the story on the MBC's beautiful new website!


This story is a steamy reverse harem romance novel with a slight reverse age gap theme, some mild violence, and is intended for a mature audience only. No cheating and HEA guaranteed!

"This whole conversation from the time he starts talking on the phone had me smiling. The guy is so damn cute!! Cuddleworthy. In a sexy badass way. And I LOVE their dialogue!! So fun!"

- Dana's Edits

”Her Badass Bikers is a unique contemporary reverse harem tale that dares to be different and skirts the edges of the ‘ordinary’ playing right into the genre-bender category. And it does it in style… A sinfully sexy and wickedly funny tale full of heart that I absolutely adored.”

The Magic Book Corner, International Book Blogger


”This book really has everything one might want from a romance read, and it is just brilliantly executed.”

Catrin Russell, Author

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Goddess Services


"Tirza's wisdom is like watching a million falling stars lighting up the night

from galaxies unknown... but the lights are within our own hearts. Shine on!"

- Gayvenda Kessler, Acclaimed Painter, Spiritual Artist & Healer

Have you ever dreamed of unleashing your inner Goddess? Are you fascinated by archetypes, mythology and working with various Goddess energies to honour, celebrate and integrate them into your own life, your own BEing, then you should definitely check out my GODDESS SERVICES to discover how I can help you to achieve this! Check them out here:

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The Divine Library

My DIVINE LIBRARY encompasses many spiritual topics. You can read up on Goddesses, Power Animals, Tarot, Crystals and so much more. It is a work in progress where I add as and when I feel called to, so it's definitely worth checking back every so often. Make my Divine Library your Number One spiritual research tool and feel free to contact me about any questions or feedback you may have. This valuable FREE resource is for everyone with a spiritual interest and I hope will bring you much insight, joy and inner peace. Visit here:



"Not only is Tirza, an author of both children's and adults books, she is also a healer,

an intuitive reader, a blogger, an academic genius, a mum, and available for voice overs;

she also runs a couple of Facebook groups and still finds time to have fun.
Tirza has a great sense of humour and is also very thoughtful.

We are so happy that she shares her knowledge with us and makes us laugh.

She is a real pleasure to know. Her pages and her website, are jam-packed

with valuable information and tools to assist you in your personal growth."

- All Things Bright & Spiritual, Online Magazine

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