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Thoughts Inspiration Education: What Is Divine?

Servces by Tirza Schaefer

What is Divine?

Seems like a straight forward question. But many people get the definition wrong which results in them either rejecting all things divine or, at the other end of the scale, disempowering themselves.

To explain this in short, simple terms, everything that is, is life force energy. It is an intelligent, creative energy that moves at certain vibratory rates and moves all. In traditional religious contexts, this all-powerful intelligent energy is called God, Spirit, Allah, etc. This is why God is called the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end because there is nothing else but this energy.

We are all made of that energy, which is why we are divine. And as the world we perceive around us is not the same as another person’s perception ever, it proves that there is not merely one world, but as many as there are lifeforms perceiving it, from the little ant to the human and the angel or alien. This also means that everything and everyone outside of you is…YOU.

Goddess Reiki Session by Tirza Schaefer

Because you are divine, you are God, and in your perception only your world exists, you are the alpha and the omega. You are the all-powerful creator. And because energy cannot be destroyed, only change form, you are indestructible. You cannot die in the sense that you dissolve and nothing is left of you. You merely change form and move your consciousness into a different dimension of perception (without the physical body). It is that simple and that mind-blowing all at once.

You are Divine!

You are DIVINE, you are GOD, you are LIFE, you are NATURE. You are LOVE, you are PEACE and you are JOY, the three highest energies vibrations there are. And really, they are the same. As humans, we have given them words and attached feelings to a certain energy movement or motion, because it feels good or bad or anything in-between. We have equated them with feelings, but they are not the same. Feelings are the perception of an energy, emotion is the energy itself, the state of being of it.

Where do you feel truly divine and where do you have difficulties seeing your own grandeur?

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