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Her Badass Bikers Character Cards: Snubbs

Name: Snubbs

Age: 31

Occupation: Member of the Makani MC, formerly underground MMA fighter.

Character: Due to severe childhood trauma and a past as a rent boy and underground MMA fighter, he has not much formal education and a few personality disorders. Mace is his dom and best friend with whom he has an open relationship. Snubbs is bisexual.

He is a loyal and devoted brother to the other members of the Makani MC. He is protective over women and children and will stop at nothing to keep them safe, no matter how much pain and injury it causes him. He thrives on pain which is his coping mechanism until Ava convinces him to see a therapist.

Snubbs falls in love with Ava but goes into resistance at first in order to mask his feelings that leave him vulnerable.

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