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Her Badass Bikers Character Cards: Mace

Name: Mace

Age: 33

Occupation: App developer, hacker, mechanic, member of the Makani MC, Snubbs’ best friend, son of Kaui, the MC’s president.

Character: Mace is a highly intelligent man who has developed some apps he sold for several million dollars. Loving his lifestyle as a member of the Makani MC brotherhood, he still lives at the clubhouse and works there for free to support the others. He is mainly straight but has a psycho-sexual bond with Snubbs.

Mace is a native Hawaiian. His father is the president of the MC and Mace is of tall build with full, long black hair and muscles that are akin to a mountain. He has tortured, maimed and killed in the days when the MC was still on the wrong side of the law.

However, Mace has never allowed a child to be harmed in all the years. He is strangely protective of them for someone who usually doesn’t have such a high level of compassion for other human beings. He simply loves children and once they are over being scared of his huge frame, they love him right back.

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