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Full Moon Ritual 3

Goddess Reading by Tirza Schaefer

The full moon is a peak, a pinnacle of all that has built up over the previous two weeks; good intentions and stressful situations alike. It is no small wonder then that people sensitive to the moon are feeling a bit “out of sorts” or “crazy and deranged” at this time. It can vary from feeling a little off to going bananas.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You are the master of your energies and feelings and when you feel off, there is much you can do to get yourself back on track, like breathing mindfully and deeply, and connecting to your inner divine spirit, your source. In this way, you can channel these powerful lunar energies into positive power tools for yourself.

Celebrating this pinnacle with a beautiful ritual that helps you in your personal development is a wonderful way to honour the full moon and its beautiful energies. Here is another and this time, it is a suggestion for a group ritual. Of course, you can do it alone or as a couple as well, just like the previous two I posted in August and September.

Be free to adjust anything that feels right to you. These ritual steps are suggestion, not fixed rules. Whatever feels good to you is what you should go with. Let your own intuition be your guide. After all, you are the sole creator of your own reality, so you are the big boss of your own life, no one else.

Having said this, here is ritual number 3 for you to try out:

This ceremony involves a bonfire, a group of people whom you trust and feel free with and something for everyone to sit on. Additionally, you need a stick or two for everyone and some feltpens or eddings you can all use to write on your stick(s).

Sit or stand around the fire and hold hands. Speak a blessing, for example:


We are gathered together in love to facilitate healing and growth. Let us harness our powers combined to bring about renewal under the light of the full moon. Let the rays of Mother Moon cleanse and purify our hearts, minds and bodies as we let go of all that no longer serves us. The circle of light, love and purification is now open. It is our sacred space and we honour ourselves and each other in this process. Blessed be.


This is one suggestion. Go with whatever feels good for you. Again, if you come together as a circle with a specific intention for a greater good, like healing a friend who has physical or emotional challenges, or you all lost someone dear to you and want to use this ritual as a mourning passage and of letting go of the grief, you can adjust the blessing in any way that feels right for your purpose.

When you have spoken this blessing and have passed through a short period of silence where everyone can open up to the energies and feel the love of the circle pervade them, sit down, take up your sticks and pens and write a few words on it which symbolise what you wish to let go of. For example, you can write self-sacrifice when you feel you give too much without receiving back in return and burn yourself out that way. Or you can put weight, when you want to lose weight, which would entail a healthier diet and taking up some form of exercise.

When everyone is done and their attention is fully on the circle again, take turns in speaking of what you want to let go of and what you wish to replace it with. It is important for you to all listen to each other and honour everyone’s right to speak without interruption. This is not the time to correct someone’s grammar or give advice. It is a place of listening and of creating the space for everyone to be heard.

If someone is unwilling or uncomfortable with sharing, don’t pressure anyone. Instead, let the person go through this in his or her mind while you hold the space for him to do so. Listening to the silence of another can be just as healing and connecting. Sometimes it is the best way for a person to facilitate healing, renewal and purification. Honour everyone’s right to choose freely without pressure.

Each person, when done speaking, will throw their stick into the fire. This can be accompanied by a chant of the group.


I’m letting go, inviting new.


Repeat this three times together to mark the moment and affirm the intention of every individual in the group in turn. When everyone has thrown their sticks into the fire, form a circle holding hands again and meditate under the moonlight. Then speak a closing blessing, for example:


We now close this circle of divine lunar energy. We thank Mother Moon and everyone involved for their love, support and participation in this ritual. May we all go forth purified, cleansed and healed. The circle is now closed. Blessed be.


After the circle is closed, hug each other, feast and be merry. You could also draw cards from an oracle deck for each other and discuss the meanings, or just have a conversation. You could also drum, sing and dance, whatever feels good for you. It is a time of joy and connection. How you want to express that is up to you.

I wish you much joy and peace with this ritual. Blessed be!

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