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Full Moon Ritual 2

Goddess Reading by Tirza Schaefer

This time, after having a fire ceremony last month, this ritual will harness the power of water. Water has a profound cleansing effect and you can use it to cleanse not only your body and physical surroundings, but also your spirit.

Have two bowls of water ready, a candle, a pen with water soluble ink and paper. If you are able to go outside to perform this in the moonlight, do so. If inside, try and find a quiet place indoors that is possibly in a room where the moonlight shines through the window, but if you don’t have this option, any quiet place will do. However, if you are able to see the moon, it will help you with your concentration and connecting to the powerful energies of the moon.

The full moon is always the best time to let go of anything that no longer serves you, something or even someone you want to say goodbye to and have no longer in your life. Maybe you have gone through a break up with your partner, or you want to mete out an old habit that does not feel good, like smoking, over-eating, getting annoyed too quickly or anything else you can think of that you are not happy with having in your life any longer.


The full Moon is always the best Time to let go.


Letting go of the old facilitates healing, cleansing, renewal and makes room for new things and people in your life. The full moon is the point of culmination of circumstances in your life and it is the “breaking point” where you can break with the old in a gentle, loving and sacred way. Some things are difficult to let go of and you may need to perform such a ritual several times to help you with this process. Change is mostly a process and not a one-off event, so be gentle and patient with yourself, do the best you can and don’t beat yourself up if you’re “not there” yet at once. Rome wasn’t built in a day, either.

To start, you can cleanse your body by having a shower under running water, or if you can’t, imagine yourself standing under a waterfall of silver running water in the moonlight. You should do this visualisation if you have an actual shower as well because it enhances the effect of cleansing. Remember, we do not only want to wash dirt from our bodies, but from our minds, hearts and souls, too.

Once you have had your shower (and are dry, dressed and warm again), sit quietly with your candle burning in front of you. Dip your fingers into the first bowl of water and splash a few small drops over the paper, visualising it clean and of pure energy, the same as you. Feel the silver moonlight enter your body at the top of your head through your crown chakra and filling your entire body, spreading throughout until it exits again at your feet, connecting you to the earth.

When you are prepared, take pen and paper, think of what to let go. Choose only one or two things, so you don’t get overwhelmed with it later trying to get rid of everything at once and not succeeding with any of it because you spread yourself too thin. Write down on the paper what you wish to let go of. A word or two will do. It is important not to drown your intent with words, but to have a clear focus, like “weight” or “my former partner” or his/her name. While you visualise this as a dark ball of dirty energy or a stone that weighs on your shoulders, crumple the paper loosely.


Feel The love & gratitude

in your heart.


Thank the thing, person or condition for having been in your life and tell it that you no longer need it and that it can now leave you. Feel the love and gratitude in your heart. Then imagine this ball of heavy energy or stone to get lighter, change colour and lift off your shoulders. Throw the crumpled paper in the second bowl of water and say something like, “I now release you from my reality. Thank you and goodbye.”

Visualise the ball disintegrating into the air, being absorbed and transmuted by the silvery white moonlight, sucking it up and how it disappears into the night towards the sky. You are now free of it, you feel lighter and once again, feel and see the cleansing power of the moonlight and the silver waterfall dowsing you. Allow the moonlight to enter your crown chakra once again, swirl through your entire body and cleansing it from inside, taking with it the last lingering traces of heavy energies.

When you feel light, purified and filled with peace, sit like this for a while and indulge in this loving feeling of freedom until you know, you’ve done enough. Then blow out the candle, closing with it the space and yourself, so you are grounded, then clean up the bowls with water and chuck the paper which should no longer have the writing on it legible.

I wish you much joy and peace with this ritual. Blessed be!

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