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Free Hot Summer Reads!

What is better than to stuff your e-reader with lots of steamy romance and enjoy some lazy time in the sun (or shade) and just indulge yourself in reading to your heart's content? Nothing much, right?

Well, I hear you! And because I want to gift you an unforgettable summer, I have some teamed up some other amazing authors and am bringing you lots of free book promos this summer, so you can download hundreds of books all for free! Yay!!!

Click on the images below and start browsing! I bet you already can't stop salivating! Lol!

Sensual Whispers - Free Steamy Romance

Contemporary Romance Bookfair - Free

FREE Hot & Spicy Romance

Spicy Books & Tarot

Besides writing, Tarot cards are one of my big passions. You might not know that I also run a spiritual business as Goddess Facilitator and I am also an intuitive Tarot reader and teacher with an internationally accredited diploma. The reason I am bringing this up here is because my amazing friend Laura, in bookish circles also known as "The Magic Book Corner" and I (with both my romance author and my spiritual account) are doing a collaboration on Instagram around the Tarot, books that have Tarot cards in them, and the meaning of the cards themselves.

These posts, carousels and reels are then cross-posted across all three of our accounts. I is great fun to bring the bookish and the woo-woo world together and see where they overlap. So if you want to check it out and join in the fun, you can follow us here:

Check All Live Promos!

You can always check for all live promos that I am currently running with many other wonderful authors and lots of free steamy books here:

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