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Thoughts Inspiration Education: The Liberty of Being Unique

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

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Yesterday I had a conversation with a couple of friends. We talked about many subjects, we laughed, we discussed serious topics, our children came when they wanted something, then went off to play again, or in case of the dogs, lay down to rest. It was one of those beautiful days that you have when you feel you connect deep down and can share of yourself without being condemned for being different, for not being a perfect fit of whatever or whoever someone else thinks you have to be.

And I looked at those smiling faces, heard the understanding and the genuine care and sharing of their own hearts and thoughts and felt so blessed to have two such completely different to me and to each other women sitting at my table, drinking coffee, eating waffles and yet, the three of us had a great time and each could be herself.


We are completely different,

yet we have so much in common.


The reason for that was that we allowed each other and ourselves the freedom to be ourselves, just as we are. And as I appreciated them, I could see the appreciation in return. We’re all different ages, at different stages in our lives, we are completely different, yet at the same time, we have so much in common. This one factor is that we appreciate the uniqueness of another person, the genuine kindness and the inspiration we derive from that, from each other, and how the other’s presence also made us feel good and – free!

I am sure, you all know the feeling. It may happen with an old friend, your spouse, or a stranger you have a chat with on a train. And you suddenly realise how light and happy you feel. You start to shine, to glow inside and it came on so quietly that you nearly missed it happened until the moment that you do. And then you feel a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation, of genuine joy.

We all have worries and troubles in our daily lives, some more than others. And when it happens that something wonderful occurs, we are too often prone to think, “This is too good to be true.”


We are not exchangeable

because we are unique.


But really, it isn’t. But we know about all the things that can go wrong and then we start to worry, this, whatever it is, which makes us so happy, won’t last. And that is the crux of the matter. Life is energy and energy flows. Nothing stays the same EVER. But it can grow and blossom or wither and die. So why don’t we focus on the first and not give any energy to the latter?

Instead, we start to fret about so many other things. About wrinkles, so that our spouse might exchange us for a younger model. We worry about losing our jobs, because we feel we are exchangeable, expendable. The list is endless.

But when we get to that point that we have turned our thinking and perception around to attaining more and more inner peace and self-appreciation by constant mental and emotional training (because, I hate to tell you this, but there is no magic wand), we realise, we are not exchangeable, because we are unique. There is no second person like you, even if you are one half of identical twins. You are not exchangeable and not expandable. There is nothing about you that is common place. Real life is vibrant, is different, is unique in a gazillion different ways from the ant to the elephant. And you are different. But that doesn’t mean, you are less than anyone or anything else. You are an expression of life itself.

So next time you worry about not being special enough or just not enough at all, remember that you are totally unique. And then let that unique light that is you shine. And when you do, I guarantee you, you will feel alive because you know, no one and nothing can take that away from you and when you are yourself, the people who love you, love you because of who you really are and not what you pretend to be, so there is no need to fear any longer.


You are the unique

expression of life itself!



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