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Thoughts Inspiration Education: Leila's Guided Meditation

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

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My friend Leila Hardy is an online Holistic Health & Life Coach. She is one of those people that make you smile and feel comfortable and like you really matter. (Which you do, but it’s always nice to be reminded of it, isn’t it?) This past week she had an exciting challenge in her Facebook group “Mind + Body + Spirit = Ultimate Health” called “Activate, Identify & Amplify Your Intuitive Gifts.” The challenge ran for 3 days and on Day Two, Leila did a guided meditation during her livestream.

It was awesome and here is my experience. It was so beautiful that I decided to write a blog about it. We also all shared our meditational (and other) experiences in the group and to read all the beautiful comments is so uplifting. They say sharing is caring, and it is. But it is also elevating, motivating and inspirational. So here is my inner journey.

First I saw the colour orange and then heard slow-motion sounds of gently slapping noises which I knew were butterfly wings before I saw them. As they came into focus against the orange background, the scene changed to a meadow with lots of wildflowers on it (my usual spot for me to go to when I do power animal meditations) a few steps further stands this giant tree with a very thick trunk, teaming with luscious leaves and life and a tinkering stream runs across the meadow.

It is as if I could taste the freshness and vital energies of the clear, cool water without actually drinking it. At the same time, I don’t smell any scents as such, but my nose picks up on the freshness of the clean, warm air, full of oxygen, and vital energies. I love this place. I come here often.

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I walk across the meadow towards the stream and stop when prompted by Leila’s guidance. My gaze goes down to my feet and I see a large piece of rose quartz lying there. It is rough as if broken out naturally from a rock and just about fits into one hand. I pick it up, holding it and feel a smile creep over my face. It’s not an excited smile, but a serene kind of happy and contented smile. I feel loved.

As I straighten again fully, I suddenly see my neck from outside, as if through a lens taking a closeup. There is a necklace of Turquoise stones, polished into perfectly round balls, hanging around my neck. Every so often, these are interspersed with round silver discs. They are not smooth, however, but have small ornamentation like Moroccan Berber jewellery. It looks beautiful and I see Hathor in my inner vision within my inner vision. A bit like those Russian dolls where one fits inside the other and the next and so on. It is a vision within a vision.

Hathor appears like a woman with dark brown hair and medium brown skin. Her hair is a thick and somewhat shaggy, her eyebrows quite thick. She also has horns. She reminds me a bit of those Highland cattle with longer, shaggy hair. But her smile is beautiful, loving and reassuring. I stand there, my right hand at my throat over the necklace, my other holding the large rosequartz crystal.

My wold power animal has come up. I saw him before further away, but had no time to acknowledge him. He now stands beside me, his flank lightly touching the side of my leg. He doesn’t say anything in any kind of way, not in “real voice” nor telepathically. He often just spends time with me on that meadow without speaking. We’re just together. Now he is standing there, being with me. I love to feel the warmth of his body emanating through his fur and into the skin of my leg.

Then I get the clear message from the crystals, from Hathor, all together. I don’t hear it, I just KNOW the words. It is:


“You can love yourself, take care of your own needs, and still be a good mother.”


I should perhaps mention that I spent most of the last three days in bed with my youngest daughter who was very poorly, so she felt cared for, not left alone, but loved and so she could draw on my energies. I had my writing pad, my laptop and a couple of large bottles of water at my side, so the bed doubled as my office, too. As I work from home, it doesn’t really matter where I work from, sitting at the table, on the couch, or – in fact – in bed.

That was one of the most beautiful guided meditations I had in my life. Thank you, Leila!


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