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Thoughts Inspiration Education: A Dream Maker's Words: Part 2

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Services by Tirza Schaefer

Words carry power!

⁓Chaka Zulu


In Part 1, I wrote about how words that we were indoctrinated with in early childhood influence our decision making in later life and how this has affected my feelings as a parent. (Read Part 1 here.) Part 2 is about how to shift this in a positive manner and create a better way of doing our best for our children that is not based on fear, but freedom.

A Skype call with my good friend in the UK put things back into perspective. She started laughing really hard as she had a completely different perspective on this "vegetarian's mum's son wants to work in a butcher shop" scenario. And it was fun. And - it made sense. She said that usually kids rebel by getting drunk and high on drugs, my son wants to work in a butcher shop. I had to laugh, too, and I knew, he had to do it. I had to give him my blessings and not be resentful. And he had to learn what it was like to work. It is his life and I have no right to stop him in freely expressing himself in a manner he deems best. It’s not like he’s putting his life in undue danger.

I told him what India said and that I was okay with him taking that job. That temporary wall between us crumbled to dust nearly instantaneously. Of course, this is not a job he wants to do for life, but it is a vital experience in his own path of self-expression, independent decision making and learning some valuable life lessons.

Services by Tirza Schaefer

Yesterday, he came home and told me how many prizes the shop had won for quality and hygiene, how strict hygiene requirements and procedures were. His pride in being part of a business that was so outstanding with such high standards was palpable. And guess what? I totally forgot my vegetarian ideals and glowed in the same pride, in his feeling of being special and delivering quality. I told him, I was proud of him for observing things so closely and having a deep appreciation for high quality himself. That’s actually one of the most fundamental ideals I taught him:


When you do something,

do it well, no cowboy jobs.

Excel in excellence.


By supporting him in his endeavours, in his chosen path, we not only became closer again and bonded more deeply, but I also took a great, valuable lesson away for myself from this, as a parent, a person and a spiritual being.


Love means to create an atmosphere

of unconditional freedom.


We will both take that freedom with us for the future. And it’s rubbing off on other areas and more people in our lives, my daughters most of all, but also, it gave me a greater piece of freedom in my own self.

The power of the words we have been hearing since earliest childhood travel with us through life. It is for us to decide, which ones we wish to keep and which to throw overboard on the path to greater self-empowerment and in order to empower others, especially our children, because:


The best never comes from fear but freedom!


I've included the video below in yesterday's blog already. But quite frankly, you should repeat this every day for a long time. You must make a habit of talking lovingly and with encouragement to yourself, your children, family, friends, colleagues or even strangers. So put it on repeat and most of all FEEL the words.

I have charged my voice with healing and love to record this, so it will heighten the effect in reaching your heart and subconscious in the most effective manner, straight from my heart to yours.

Watch this inspirational video "A Dream Maker's Words"

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