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10 Things You Should Know About Me

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve written my last blog, even though I’ve been present on social media a lot, published a new book, am about to publish a couple more this month and have taken to writing a newsletter again. I’ve also made lots of new friends, spiritual gangstas and literary lovers alike. That makes for a good mix in my friendships and the subjects in my newsletters and posts. I’m a multi-passionate person and I love to see it reflected in the people around me, my friends, readers, fans, fellow authors and energy healers…

I thought it would be fun to allow you a sneak-peak behind the scenes of Tirza Schaefer, the person, the mother, author, Reiki Master, devoted lover of contemporary reverse harem novels (if you’ve written one or several, send me the link, tag me in the post, let me know somehow) and Goddess coach. So here are ten fun facts to know about me.

1. Tirza Schaefer is my real name and I use it in all my business ventures as well, whether that is writing a children’s book, a reverse harem series or offering Goddess Circle courses and Goddess Reiki sessions.

2. I love to write about Goddesses and Power Animals the most out of my Divine Library which you can find on my website.

3. I channel messages from my higher self, guides, deities and power animals. Sometimes, I tap into the Angelic realm, too, but not as often.

4. I love spicy, vegetarian food with plenty of vegetables. I like to mix my veggies and have several in one dish, rather than only one on the side, and I love deep-frozen pizza way too much but I’ll never buy ready-made salad dressing or tomato sauce. My favourite green salad is lamb’s lettuce.

5. I am German, I live in Germany but also spent the 90s living in London, in the UK. I discovered my love for the English language, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Paddington Bear, Adrian Mole, Mrs. Bucket (pronounce bouquet!!!) and so many more wonderful British things, most importantly, that is where my spiritual journey really began in earnest.

Check out my books: WebsiteAuthor Page Books2ReadAuthor Page Amazon

6. I am the founder of Goddess Reiki which has developed from a combination of my work with the Goddess energies and Usui Reiki and is still a WIP (work in progress). It basically works very similar to Usui Reiki, there are certain symbols that are downloaded and invoked during healing. I use Usui Reiki alongside it as well.

7. I am hopelessly romantic. Even my youngest daughter has commented as much with a heavy sigh the other day while watching TV the other day, “God, Mama, you are soooo romantic!” She is 12 now and her brother, 20, and sister, 17, have seconded it. In the case of my son, this was accompanied by a big smirk and my older daughter rolled her eyes. She is the queen of eyeballs. If there was a world championship for eyerolling, she’d definitely win it. I never realised what an exceptional talent it was until she started on it a few years ago.

8. My closest guide, the one I have the most frequent and easiest interaction with is Anubis, the Egyptian jackal-headed God. He has the most wicked sense of humour and has this perfect knack of making me laugh at myself, thus lightening my mood and admitting to my own follies with humour, rather than self-depreciation.

9. As much as I love kinky books, I hate derogatory terms in a sexual context with a vengeance. To each their own, of course, but you’ll never find the C-word used for the female body part in my book or a woman being called after paid professionals or some other such terms during the graphic descriptions of the sex scenes in my books. As a spiritual healer and Goddess coach, I work a lot around the themes of building self-confidence and self-love and being verbally abused, I found in my experience, is only something people enjoy in a sexual content who have some deep-rooted issues with self-love, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Auras and energies don’t lie.

10. In my fictional writing, I love to explore archetypal themes from various Goddesses and that means, through my stories, I want to set an example for every woman getting to know her own Inner Goddess better and for men to see the beauty of the soul of an empowered woman which will, in turn, help a man discover his own Inner God and self-empowerment. The Goddess archetypal themes are woven into the storyline of each of my fictional works and you will not notice they are there, unless you are familiar with them and look for them in a book. If this interests you, you can browse through my Goddess pages on my website. Many have references to my books, explaining the relationship between the storyline and the particular Goddess theme.

I would love to know your 10 Fun Facts. Why not send them to me in an email to, I love to hear from my readers!

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