This is how it all started. Even as a child in nursery, I used to tell my sister bedtime stories. Later I wrote some down and as a teenager, I wrote my first long story. I continued to write almost on a daily basis throughout my life, but it took me well into adult life to believe in my own gift enough to dare to publish my first poems on a spiritual website. The positive feedback I received there gave me the courage to publish my first book of spiritual poetry, and many more books in various genres like children's literature, parenting, adult romance and romantic poetry followed. There's more to come, of course, I never stop writing. Make sure you follow my author's page on Amazon, so you don't miss out on a new release:


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Below, you can find the entire list of my books with pictures, links to summaries and creation stories. If you'd like a free romance book filled with teasers of all my existing romance books as a special bonus gift, download my book Black Veil for  free in all digital bookstores.


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Goddess Meditations

00 GSM 01 - Goddess Meditations B.png


Coming 2021

00 GSM 02 - Goddess Meditations B.png


Coming 2021

00 GSM 03 - Goddess Meditations B.png


Coming 2022


PO 01 My Spirit Song.png
PO 02 Love Expressed.png

Parenting & Children

PA 01 A Magical Family Holiday.png
CH 01 How Picasso Makes You a Genius.png



The Milf Diaries Series

TMD 01 Izzy B.png
TMD 02 Ria B.png
TMD 04 Sassy B.png

Pre-order now!

TMD 05 Calendar Boys.png

Pre-order now!

TMD 03 Reyna B.png

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Seals in Spain: A Reverse Harem Trilogy

SiS 01 Tank Shield.png
SiS 02 Dom.png


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SiS 03 Seb.png


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Band of Brothers: Romance Trilogy

Bob 01 Drew.png
BoB 02 Zee.png


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BoB 03 Rico & Chad.png


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Her Harem: A Reverse Harem Series

Her Harem Cover.png


Coming 2021

Tirza's Christmas Tales: A Collection of Seasonal Standalone Romance Books

TCT 01 A New Family for Christmas B.png
TCT 02 Christmas in Montana B.png

Standalone Romance Novels

EN 12 Balcony Above The Sea.png
EN 09 Born to Be Wild.png
EN 06 Sealed Brothers.png
EN 03 Birthday Present.png
EN 11 Badass Heroes.png
EN 08 In the Event of Love.png
EN 05 Dating a Hero.png
EN 02 The Dark Duke.png
EN 10 Opposites Attract.png
EN 07 Cloud Nine.png
EN 04 Chopped Encounter.png
EN 01 Snake Goddess Rising.png

Standalone Romantic Novellas

ES 05 The Navy Seal's Nanny.png
ES 02 Love in the Sky.png
ES 04 Kisses in Darkness.png
ES 03 The Right Kind of Wrong.png
ES 01 Marine Party.png

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