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Review for A New Family for Christmas (Tirza's Christmas Tales Book 1) by Jayne Lockwood

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Still wish it was Christmas?

I wish, I wish, there was a way of bottling Tirza Schaefer’s feel-good, lusciously romantic, spiritual and sexy stories into a a magic tonic. We could take it every time we felt bad, and the world would be a much better place, I swear.

You cannot be a cynic if you love Tirza’s books. They are for the light of heart, the believer of true romance, of love conquering all, sprinkled with sugar dust and meant to be eaten like fairy cakes. Honestly. Don’t read this if you like your books dirty and sour-tasting at the end. DO read this if you want the book equivalent of a hug and a box of chocolates.

This Holiday-themed book tells us the story of Anastasia, who takes pity on the homeless Duke and his cute-as-a-button daughter, Cara. After inviting them into her house, she and Duke gradually fall in love, but they have more to find out about each other, even after their whirlwind marriage. Duke has firm ideas about their future, but they don’t line up with Anastasia’s, so they have to find a way through, or risk losing their happiness.

This is a relatively short book at sixty-four pages, but as I’ve come to expect, she packs a lot into a standalone story. Is it a deep-dive look into the issues of homelessness, men surviving after leaving the military, and a woman trying to thrive in business on her own? No, but if you want a magical romance with plenty of heart, little angst and just a bit of heat, this book is definitely work a look.

Jayne Lockwood is the author of deliciously dark romance like The Switchblade Series and many more. You can follow her on her Social Media.

Get A New Family for Christmas (Book 1 of Tirza's Christmas Tales) here!


TIRZA’S CHRISTMAS TALES are a series of standalone romance novels that all have a Christmas theme. They don’t need to be read in any particular order.

Anastasia has always loved to bake cookies. She has become an expert and now runs an exclusive cookie shop which holds real treasures. However, the one treasure she has always longed for which eludes her is a family of her own. When she loses a lazy employee, she finds herself faced with a princess and a fairytale king which seem to answer her prayers. Her happiness seems complete when Stasia finally has a daughter and a husband. However, the marriage is arranged and although her husband loves his daughter Cara, Anastasia herself seems to leave him altogether cold. But then he returns home one day with a few bruises and tempers heat up by several degrees. In the end, Anastasia is willing to give up the reality of her entire life in order to save her fake family from utter destruction. A move seems imminent, but her husband Duke is not so easily convinced.

Get A New Family for Christmas (Book 1 of Tirza's Christmas Tales) here!


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