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Heels for the Holidays by Lady Jaguar / Jayne Lockwood

HEELS FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a standalone Christmas romance novel in the Going Down/Switchblade series by Lady Jaguar, a.k.a. Jayne Lockwood.

Super sexy winter-warmer!

This super sexy winter-warmer plays out over two Christmas holidays and features my two favourite characters by this author, Tino and Richard. Tino is a small gay man with lots of charm, sass and glamour but mostly, he has a very big heart with lots of love for pansexual Richard, the sometimes downright insanely acting CEO with a criminal past. Richard is a tough nut to crack but Tino has brought him down to his knees and married him.

In the first part of the book, the two aren’t married yet and still in the early stages of their acquaintance and relationship. In the second part, they celebrate their first Christmas together as a married couple. I won’t go into many details as not to spoil anything but some things need to be mentioned.

The heels: Tino totally aces high heels and Richard goes insane with lust and desire when he sees Tino strut and dance in them. The Lamborghini: Richard’s toy and Tino’s death trap. The pole: Tino is the sexiest pole dancer Richard has ever seen.

The banter: The banter between these two lovable characters has made me scream with laughter so often, tears running down my cheeks and hiccups wrecking my body. Not just in this or other books featuring them but also on the author’s Instagram posts. If you follow her for a while already, you know what I’m talking about.

The Boudoir: A photographer and a Christmas surprise. SIZZLING hot! We’re talking volcanic eruption here! The love scenes: Off the charts tender, wild, loving, steamy, you name it, it’s in there. If you blush easily, do not read this book in public! You might also want to fan yourself repeatedly. Unless you read it outside in the cold, then the snow might just melt around you.

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