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Thoughts Inspiration Education: A Rapid Transformational Past Life

Annual Oracle Forecast by Tirza Schaefer

I’ve have a rapid transformational hypnosis session with Leila Hardy ( some days ago. It wasn’t my first one and will certainly not be my last. I have shifted a lot from those sessions that I had not managed before. What happens is that Leila guides you into a hypnotic state where you are completely relaxed, yet still in control of yourself. It’s nothing like what you see on entertainment TV, where people run around as chickens and have no recollection of it afterwards. You remember everything and you just sit or lie down.

I prefer to lie down. And as it all happens via digital connection, on video chat, I have the comfort of being cosily tucked up in my bed where it feels all safe and warm and Leila can watch me to see my reactions. I merely position my phone beside me, so she can see my face while we’re doing it. You’ve got to love modern technology.

So once I was in this deep state of relaxation, we went through some childhood memories, one from age 5, another as a small baby and then there was a past life coming up.

Past lives are very interesting. You are a completely different person and yet, the memory that bubbles up is in complete alignment with the theme you are working on in that moment in your current life. Quite amazing, when you think of it. It wasn’t my first past life regression, either, so I wasn’t a newbie at it. But this particular life, I had not visited before. Up to that point, I had had no idea of me having lived it. And that’s because it had not been relevant to me before because I had had different matters I had worked on before.

For example, once I wanted to find out why I was so scared of sharks and saw a scene where I was a male sailor holding on to some wooden planks floating in the water after a shipwreck. A bit white shark suddenly came out of the water before me (I’m no expert, but it was huge, so I assume it was a white shark), mouth wide open, and then – nothing but blackness. I suppose, the vision stopped when the animal bit my sailor body in half, effectively killing it.

You might think, it was a terrifying recollection, but not so. I felt everything I felt as that sailor-self. I knew all his thoughts, and yet, it was as if I was watching a movie, observing, being detached and knowing it wasn’t the present day Tirza-Me that got bitten. And in that moment when the shark was before me, opening his big, powerful jaws, all I thought was, well, he is just hungry. We all want to eat, right? Can’t blame a shark for that.

Annual Oracle Forecast by Tirza Schaefer

I still wouldn’t go swimming with sharks, but there is no panic any longer when I walk underneath a plexiglass basin with one swimming overhead at the aquarium. I have to admit, I ran for my life that one time in Capetown, South Africa, when that happened.

I’ve had recollections of two past lives being priestesses in Ancient Egypt (no wonder I channel Egyptian deities and have Anubis and Tefnut as guides in this life) and I have lived as an unhappily married noblewoman in England during the era when waists were small and the skirts of dresses huge. Feeling trapped in that life probably also explains my present day love affair with the smart and rebellious spirit of Lizzy Bennett (Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen). And there was the time I was a decadent, womanising, but very charming nobleman at the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV, when I felt the weight of the make sexual organs hanging between my legs.

In this session with Leila, I found myself in a small town with Tudor-style and stone houses, wearing a dress, a cloak with large hood and it was night. I saw myself walking through little alleys, coordinating the hiding and rescue of persecuted people. I have no idea what time period it was exactly or why these people were persecuted, whether they were an ethnic minority group or followed a different religion. The important thing was what I was doing.

During the day, I knew I was the daughter of a town family who was known as respected and law abiding citizens, good people who ensured that they never spoke out against the establishment, kept their heads low when trouble was underfoot, and no one would have ever believed me to be a leading part of an organisation who helped others, innocents, to evade the merciless, cruel hands of the law.

So apart from shifting quite a lot in my personal energy household by releasing blockages and re-programming my subconscious, which has incredible benefits on many levels, I also saw the scene of that one night in a past life. I wasn’t afraid at all, either. I really liked that young woman that was me. So I had a little adventure and a great story to tell out of it as well.

How is that for a morning’s work?



What Is Included?

  • Choose from the card decks linked to use for your monthly cards.

  • Get a personal, in-depth interpretation and a channelled message with each of your 12 monthly oracle cards.

  • You will also receive a colour card guidance with channelled message for each month. (Colours influence us greatly and are very powerful!)

  • You will receive a special, personal monthy affirmation.

  • You will receive your reading as a beautifully formatted PDF-file for you to keep and print out.

And as if that's not enough, you will also receive 3 EXTRA FREE BONI,valued at $337, if you order before 2018, which puts the TOTAL VALUE of your reading at $596!!!

BONUS #1, valued at $199:

A rapid transformational hypnosis audio by Leila Hardy ( Leila is a rapid transformational holistic health and life coach. She is a leading expert in her field and her meditations are designed to have a deep effect in a short amount of time. When listening, your subconscious is reprogrammed so that you’ll experience deep relaxation and build greater confidence.

BONUS #2, valued at $99:

A meditational poem recorded by Tirza Schaefer with music. The poem THE PASSAGE OF A YEAR is designed to enhance your appreciation of life and nature within you and to further your awareness of the cycles, both in seasons, as well as in your personal makeup. Gaining a deeper understanding of this helps you to create an easier flow in your life by planning your schedules accordingly. You become more relaxed, balanced and gain more confidence in yourself and the fact that life always supports you, thus reducing anxiety and lack/victim mentality.

BONUS #3, valued at $39:

A Birth Yantra (please provide day, month and year of your birth) after ancient Indian Vedic tradition that will give you magical protection and good energies. You can print it out or copy it, display it in your home or carry it on your person. Traditionally, it is also engraved in jewellery, which is then worn by the person for protection and good luck.

What This Reading Does for You

  • A greater understanding of the energies at work for you throughout the months and the themes in your personal life experience arising from this.

  • Guidance of spiritual and practical ways to best harness the energies at work at any given time.

  • Greater self-awareness and support in creating your life in a proactive way, rather than merely reacting.

  • Helping you shape your own destiny.

  • Greater self-awareness and confidence in yourself, your dreams, desires and aspirations.

  • Imparting of spiritual key factors and physical laws that help you understand how energy works and how to harness this knowledge to your best advantage.

  • Monthly inspiration for a more fulfilled and happier life.

  • Direct personal messages from Source to help you follow your path of self-development and living your life in a more meaningful way.

Please allow a few days for delivery. I will work on the readings personally, they are not computer generated, and I will do them on the basis of first come, first served. Thank you for understanding.


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