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Thoughts Inspiration Education: Administration

Message from The Goddess by Tirza Schaefer

Administration & Working Behind The Scenes

Doing admin takes time and work and energy and no one can see it, but the end result. Most people won't ever know how much work you've put into all those "behind the scenes" stuff.

Don't let yourself fall into the trap of hoping for acknowledgement from others. Unless they are intimately connected with not only you as a person, but also the work you are doing, they won't know and will most likely never pay attention to those things.

But adversely, when you present sloppy work like unedited books, badly engineered music, websites that look cheap and cheesy, blogs that are full of grammatical and spelling errors, people will notice. It’s like washing clothes. When you don’t, people will smell your stench, but when you do it regularly, it’s a given that no one thinks about twice.

So your work is never wasted. The results of you putting energy into things "behind the scenes" is that you can look yourself in the face in the mirror and be proud of yourself, because you have given the best you can with the knowledge and skills available to you at the present time.

Reiki Distant Healing Session by Tirza Schaefer

I’m a digital order freak. My house isn’t half as tidy as my computer and my website. And I keep improving as and when I have realised a better, more efficient way. As you progress in your work, you will learn new skills and tricks to do old and new things. And then you will improve not only your new work, you may also go over your older material and apply those new skills and tricks.

I’ve spent a lot of the last week going through my old blogs and making links more straight forward, taking out old information and substituting it with the latest ones, I created another tab in the menu with themes where you can easily look up my blogs by category, for example Goddess Thursday. I add each week’s goddess in alphabetical order, one more each week.

Now I am fully aware that not everyone reading a blog or visiting my website will have a look at those things, and that is okay. Some might even feel it’s pernickety. And that is fine, also. I don’t mind. It’s not about everyone having to check it out. But I like it that way, and when someone else is interested to look up any of my blogs or books in more detail, they will be able to do so.

Let’s be honest, though, I am doing this mostly for myself, because I love it that way. It’s not about being obsessive. I don’t like when I cannot find something right away on another website. It’s annoying having to search around for it. It is a waste of my time and very possibly my custom also. So I like to give as good as I like to get, to the best of my ability. I keep learning new skills, techniques and tricks, and I apply them as best as I can in what I am doing. It feels good and I experience a deep inner satisfaction when I do this and improve the old ways.

So yes, my website is well-structured. And when I find ways to improve it and make it even easier to navigate and find whatever you’re looking for, I’ll take that time, sometimes days or weeks, to fix and improve what I already have. After all, quality is what I wish to represent and what I am offering to readers and clients to the very best of my ability in my writing, my readings, my channellings and also my literary services.

What Do You Do To Bring Quality to Your Work?

When you look at your professional work, whatever it is that you do, do you strive for quality?

Does your public website, page or anything else that presents who and what you are in a professional capacity show that you care and put your best foot forward, or does it look sloppy, cheesy and cheap?

What can you do to improve things?


To help you with gaining greater clarity for the highest expression of your authentic soulpath and experience deeper healing, I offer various readings, channelled messages and distant reiki healing.


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