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Potions, Poisons & Peril by Shéa MacLeod

POTIONS, POISONS & PERIL is Book 1 in the DEEPWOOD WITCH MYSTERIES series by Shéa MacLeod. It is a witchy cosy mystery and the series should be read in sequence as the story is ongoing, even though they always have new crimes to solve.

Welcome to Deepwood, home of many witches and other paranormal creatures. It’s the first book I read by this author, but let me tell you, it won’t be the last!

This is a witchy cosy mystery that's different to those I've read so far, and I really loved it. The story is well written, the plot exciting and the characters are absolutely adorable. There is also some (clean) romance between the FMC Emory Chastain and her love interest Noah Laveux, cousin of Veronique who is one of Emory’s two best friends and coven sisters. The other in the divine triad is Lene (Leh-nuh, not Lenny). These three are three of the few surviving portal witches.

Emory owns a herbal tea shop and loves crystals, Lene owns a bookstore and Veri (short for Veronique) owns a lingerie shop that caters especially for plus size women. Together, they make a formidable team. Add to this their human witch friend Edwina, former military, who has some uncanny abilities in letting bodies disappear and getting information, and you’ve just scraped the tip of the iceberg.

I loved so many things about this book. The writing style, the fact that I learned a few new things which greatly appealed to my witchy-nerdy side and the Pink Lady muffin shop, to name but a few. The world building is superb. I was right in it from the very start, all the way to the end. In fact, coming back to mundane reality felt unreal.

I’ve practically devoured this book and I can't wait to read the next in the series! – And then some! If you like witchy cosy mysteries with a unique twist, this book is definitely one you shouldn’t miss.

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Shéa MacLeod is the author of cozy mysteries and paranormal women’s fiction. She has dreamed of writing novels since before she could hold a crayon. She totally blames her mother.

She resides in the leafy green hills outside Portland, Oregon where she indulges in her fondness for strong coffee, vintage cocktails, afternoon tea, and dragons.

Because everything's better with dragons.

Shéa is the author of the popular Lady Rample Mysteries (set in 1930s London) as well as the post-WW2 Sugar Martin Vintage Cozy Mysteries. She's also written a contemporary cozy series, Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries and a paranormal cozy series Deepwood Witches. She is currently working on her paranormal women’s fiction series, Season of the Witch, as well as The Dream Factory, a magical realism series co-written with Linda Mercury.

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