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I have loved animals as far back as I can remember. I played with my "imaginary" animal friend as a child, not knowing at the time what a power animal was. I had vivid dreams and visions throughout my life. I also felt drawn to different animals at different times in my life and when I found out about power or spirit animals, I finally understood why. Reading up on those animals and then going on shamanic journeys and meditations afforded me the entry point into the world of animals on a spiritual level. The reason I prefer the term power animal to spirit animal is simply because it feels more grounded and manifested to me. You are, of course, welcome to use whatever term you like; power animal, spirit animal, animal guide...You choose. The important thing is to have a strong, loving connection and to trust and ask your animal to teach you and share its wisdom with you.

 Protection & Truth

This spirit animal heralds a time when we must face our shadows, that which lies hidden, and connect to the spiritual realm to gain greater insight into our own psyche. Being strongly connected to the element of air, Owl takes us on a flight to the Divine, the Akashic records and helps us to see things in a whole new way.


There is no room for lies and self-deceit any longer and thus, Owl reminds us to stay true to ourselves, that who we really are. Owl will dig out all the skeletons in our closets and do away with illusions and deceptions of any kind. It is like a spiritual spring cleaning of our shadow parts, bringing them to light to be dealt with, accepted and transmuted.


In various myths of the Divine in different epochs and spiritual and religious traditions, Owl had a potent role. In Greek mythology, she was associated with the Goddess Athena who held this animal sacred. It was also said that Owl was a protector because she is ever watchful and when she was seen flying over an army meant that victory was certain.

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The Hidden Realms

Celts and Egyptians alike saw this night active animal as a connection to other realms, especially to the dead. In Native American tradition and also in the Western ones, Owl stands for wisdom and knowledge.


With Owl as our mentor, we are able to navigate any darkness in our lives and find our path again when we feel lost. We learn to observe more closely, stop running around wildly, whether physically or mentally and take the time to watch and observe. This will result in us noticing many interesting and helpful things that had previously eluded us. In this way, we can also detect our fears and traumas and release them to move forward into a brighter and more fulfilled way of being.


A good way to work with Owl is to connect more to and work with the lunar cycles, the Divine Feminine, the passive and receptive aspects of the Goddess. Your psychic abilities in seeing things at their essence for what they truly are will grow enormously during this time of deep connection. You learn not to speak without purpose, but rather derive inner strength and insight from the power of silence. Your communication will be honed so that you relay information and your own inner wisdom with clarity, effectiveness and efficiency.


Owl supports you in speaking your truth and in working with the hidden realms. Thus, Owl is a harbinger of truth and supports us in self-actualization.

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