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I have loved animals as far back as I can remember. I played with my "imaginary" animal friend as a child, not knowing at the time what a power animal was. I had vivid dreams and visions throughout my life. I also felt drawn to different animals at different times in my life and when I found out about power or spirit animals, I finally understood why. Reading up on those animals and then going on shamanic journeys and meditations afforded me the entry point into the world of animals on a spiritual level. The reason I prefer the term power animal to spirit animal is simply because it feels more grounded and manifested to me. You are, of course, welcome to use whatever term you like; power animal, spirit animal, animal guide...You choose. The important thing is to have a strong, loving connection and to trust and ask your animal to teach you and share its wisdom with you.

Cleanliness & Adaptability

Vultures are birds of prey, but they are scavengers. This makes many people instantly think of death and destruction. However, rather than being a killer, Vultures are nature’s garbage removers. They eat the corpses of already dead animals and thus, cleanse the environment. You can find different types of vultures in the old, as well as the new world.


Most Vultures have a bald head without normal types of feathers. As they stick their heads into the carcasses of animals, they thus avoid having their feathers smeared and clotted with blood and pieces of tissue. That makes this extraordinary and often misunderstood bird a very cleanly type of animal. Through this, they also possess their own air conditioning device. Stretch the neck, and you cool off, tuck it into your feathers and you keep warm. This way, Vulture is very adaptable and has the power to regulate her own body temperature.


Vultures rarely attack healthy animals, but may kill wounded or sick ones. Considering which slow agony such an animal would go through when dying unassisted, it almost seems like an act of mercy on the part of the vulture. In this way, Vulture is associated with wisdom, rebirth and cleansing or purifying. She is also associated with the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Mut, whose name literally means Mother and who is the Mother of the Gods, a primal Goddess of the waters of creation, the one who created life, but was not created herself, the grand mother of all.

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As well as being able to live in different climates, Vulture females are also wonderful and caring mothers who are protecting over and very loving with their young. They are nurturing, caring and as spirit guides are said to impart wisdom and nurture the maternal role of the Divine Feminine in each of us. During a Reiki session a friend gave me, I had a vision of flying on the back of an oversized Vulture, a female whom I felt was smiling lovingly. This energy of gentle and affectionate love, just like a mother would have for her child, touched me so deeply that tears started to escape my closed eyelids.


When Vultures turns up in your life, she is a harbinger of new beginnings, of a transformative phase in your life or events that change your outlook and perspective. As with all birds that fly high, Vulture also reminds you to adopt a bird’s eye perspective and see the larger picture, create a good overview of a subject matter at hand. And while you do this, look through the eyes of love, like a mother would, seeing the greater picture and deciding on what is the best option for each of her children individually, but also what is best for the group.

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In my romance novel The Navy Seal’s Nanny, the female MC Bailey gives up her old life in search of love. Things don’t go as planned at first and she finds herself being a surrogate mother to two teenagers, nurturing and teaching them, and helping them to build up their self-confidence and inner resilience when the going gets tough. She shows them what it means to be the caregiver in a loving, mutually supportive family. At the same time, she can set clear boundaries with the men in the family without carrying a grudge.

Restoration & Purification

Vulture heralds a time of inner and outer purification and restoration. You may want to pay special attention to the cleansing of your own body inside and out, establish regular selfcare rituals for body, mind, emotions and spirit, taking a holistic approach. It is also a time to occupy yourself with understanding the true meaning of death and the cycle of life it is part of. To the Vulture, death for one symbolises life for another. Thus, a deeper understanding brings greater harmony into your life and dismantles fears.


Vulture is a messenger of change, but it’s a positive one. Rather than allowing that which no longer serves you and has outlived its usefulness to fester and rot you away from the inside out, let go and embrace the new opportunities that are coming your way and bringing abundance into your life. Vulture soars high beyond limitations – and so can you!


As much as you love, nurture and encourage your children, accept their flaws and love them for it, the Crone Wisdom of the Vulture also teaches you to be gentle, loving and nurturing with yourself. Take a good look at your shadow parts, bring them up to the light and accept yourself as you are. You are a beautiful child of life and you are loved! Love yourself and heal old wounds that have resulted in creating limiting beliefs about yourself and keep you stuck. It is time to spread your wings and fly!

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