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Voice Over Recordings

Recorded Speech That Hits The Spots You Want

I am a talented voice over artist who specialises mainly in poetry, meditational and sensual reading. However, depending on your project and requirements, I can assume many roles and styles to ensure the best possible match with your specifications. I have recorded for various DJs and music producers from London to various in the USA, Berlin and Hamburg in Germany and Mumbai in India.


My voice has a truly delicious, calming and captivating quality to it and I am able to create a certain atmosphere with my speaking voice alone which captures and enthrals the listeners. It possesses a truly magical healing quality as well, which is of importance in spiritual recordings where I can, where required, also channel high vibrational healing energies or Usui Reiki symbols through my voice during recording.


I have a happy, positive and bright personality and work well as part of a team or on my own. I can be booked for studio recordings all over the world. I mainly speak in English, but I am also happy to read in the German language where required. My dedication and professionalism ensure a high level of quality in a positive, focused work environment and that projects are finished on time.


Please contact me via the contact form to discuss the details of your project and to book my services.

Live Literary Readings

A Magical Experience of Sensual Delight

I offer live literary readings in a variety of genres. Children adore my acting different characters in a story and the more mature inclined audience appreciates the classy sensuality with which I entice the listener. At spiritual retreats, I also read guided meditations, during which I create a magical atmosphere and safe emotional space for my audience to allow themselves to fall into and trust freely, while they explore their own inner worlds following the lead of my soft, gentle, yet powerfully healing and high vibrational voice.


To book me for a live event, either as a solo performer or as part of a larger event, please get in touch via the contact form and discuss your project with me directly in-depth.


Reviews for My Voice Overs & Lives

Praise Voice & Live

"I had the pleasure of working with Tirza during an interview shoot in London. What a breath of fresh air! Having worked with creatives (and a few divas/divos) for many years it’s easy to become jaded. She made my job easy and fun. Her patience and professional attitude ensured we were on time and on budget. She was gracious and charming. I’ve recommended her to colleagues for voice over and presenter projects. I look forward to working with her again soon."

N. Bowman, London, UK

"She has an amazingly memorable and unique voice. I  love her YouTube videos. To hear her read, is as if she is the actor in the story."

Marlena Zator, German Blogger, Blonder Kracher

"I’d tried meditation but found it unfulfilling and difficult. I had a go at a group thing but being in the company of so called ‘spiritual people’ made me feel awkward and well out of my comfort zone. Instead of quieting my mind, it just raced. They were so calm I felt edgy and resigned myself to the idea that meditation just wasn’t for me. Maybe I’m not a ‘spiritual person.’ I’d never understand or experience that sense of inner peace other people bang on about. I’d given up when a friend suggested a guided meditation by Tirza. His only advice was ‘just breathe and listen to this.’ Not convinced, I tried it. OMG! After a few minutes I was so relaxed and peaceful I actually let thoughts come and go. I’d tried so hard to do this before and failed miserably but when I listened to this voice it was effortless. It just ‘happened.’ I had my first experience of timelessness and ‘being still’ – it was a real revelation. Thank you! I’m now looking forward to attending one of her motivational workshops. It seems I am a ‘spiritual person’ after all. Who knew!"

Leslie Holliday, Brentwood, Essex

"Tirza has taken poetry to a new level. With her healing messages along with titillating music, she inspires the world!"

Maxine Whitfield, Poet

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