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Kenna is a successful businesswoman and loves her job. She is not as successful in love, however. Never mixing business and pleasure, she is being thrown completely off-course when she is thrown together and has to work with a man from the past who has hurt her a lot, Zane, one of the most formidable bodyguards US Army veterans have to offer. With a background is Special Operations, he keeps a cool head even when bombs explode around his ears. He only has one single weakness and that is a woman from the past.

Zane is angry with Kenna because of the way she treated him way back in college. When he suddenly meets her again in a business context, old resentments flare up once more and the most professional security expert in the business behaves somewhat unprofessional when sparks light up into a raging inferno.

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The Book's Creation


I was lying in bed one evening, thinking of the next story I could write and received a message from a friend from London I’d been close to during my time at university in Holloway Road. I remembered back to those days, reminiscing the past as my friend had mentioned something about which sparked off my train of thought.


I remembered the building closest to Upper Street which was relatively new and had a nice vibe to it. There was an elevator there and I used it early mornings because I was just too tired to take the stairs going to the top floor. That feat always needed a coffee.


I can still see it now, the first time, that boy, or better, a young man entered the elevator with me. He wore a black leather coat Matrix-style and had dark shades on his nose. A strong jawline, sensual lips. His black curls near-shaven but not quite. His skin was that of a darker shade of milk chocolate but not yet dark chocolate. I nearly choked on simply swallowing. That guy was HOT in capital letters!


You may not believe this but I was shy. I didn’t dare ever speak to this guy but I made sure I regularly caught the elevator with him and sat close to him in class if at all possible. I did the eye contact with encouraging smile thing, blushing, looking down again and he smiled back. He was very friendly, always greeted everyone he knew with a smile. Even first thing in the morning.


He never asked me out, though, and to this day, I wonder if he’d have agreed to go out with me, had I asked. But at the time, I couldn’t pluck up enough courage to do so and my friend who offered, I didn’t allow to go and ask on my behalf because I was terrified of being rejected and then having to see him twice a week in class after that. To my young, insecure self, this was a humiliation that I could not face.


And as I lay in bed, thinking of this black Matrix man, I wondered what had become of him. And suddenly, there was a story in my head. A story of a college hook up gone bad and one day, twenty years later, these two protagonists meet again, still hung up on their fears, their insecurities, their false pride and wrong assumptions. And thus, this book came into creation.

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