Manasa's Chosen One

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Shanti’s mother, a hippie in her younger years, had not been able to conceive a child until she worshipped at the shrine of the Snake Goddess Manasa in India. Nine months later, Shanti was born. Now Shanti visits this sacred site to ask for a husband.


Kaz walks past the shrine and protects Shanti from some sinister-looking men. He is a wonderful man who has come from the city to care for his dying grandmother. While Shanti’s feelings for him grow, she isn’t sure, if Kaz feels the same as he has different things on his mind and heart at the moment. He takes Shanti to a temple, introducing her to his uncle, a priest.


When they return home, Grandma has a last dying wish. Can Shanti fulfil it?

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The Book's Creation


Snake Goddess Rising was the first of my romance books that I published. It wasn’t a story I wrote only in 2015, or even the year before. It was a story I had written in 2012, at the height of my obsession with Bollywood movies, Sharukh Khan and Hindu (and Egyptian) deities. I’ve always had a thing for cobras, as Cobra is one of my power animals, be they Indian or Egyptian, I loved the concept of their deification, which is actually pretty similar in both locations.


At that time, I was also still in complete denial of having my own inner source, or better, being one with the Source. So my mind usually fed me important spiritual messages for personal growth in the form of visions of deities speaking to me. Anything else would probably have blown my fuse completely at the time.


So my love for Indian culture, Hinduism, Bollywood and cobra deities set the stage for this story. As the hopeless romantic that I am, I have been writing mainly love stories since my teenage years. And sensual creature that I am, there had to be some extra special hot scenes in it, too.


Of course, the story I wrote in 2012 didn’t make it on paper. I edited and rewrote a lot of it. The female lead had too little self-esteem in the original version. When reading the story again for the first time two years later, it was quite a shock to my system to realize in what kind of mindset I had been myself. For this very reason, I have thrown away quite a number of stories I’ve written in former years because I felt they could not be salvaged anymore.


But Snake Goddess Rising could! And the healing, the compassion and the deep love and spirituality of the woman setting out to visit India to pray at a certain shrine, her interaction with the Serpent Goddess Manasa was so beautiful in my mind and still touches me to this day.


Yes, besides Jane Austen’s superb literary works and the occasional Shakespeare sonnet, I actually like to re-read my own books regularly, too, more often even. I genuinely enjoy them. I dive into a world of adventure and fantasy with the opening lines already and don’t come up for air unless I have to. It gives me great satisfaction and pleases me. I read other books, too, but these I return to over and over again. Good job, I have a Kindle App on every electronic device I own!


So Snake Goddess Rising had the same starting hiccup concerning the cover as well. I tried several cheap designers from an online portal and it changed a few times until I had finally found my own style for all my books, my own brand. What I also had to realise and integrate during this time of coming out as not only a spiritual poet but also an author of erotic romance books was that sexually explicit writing doesn’t have to be dirty or cheap.


My story wasn’t a third rate cheap one, either. Striving for excellence was always something I have done myself and now I had to put on my big girl panties and demand it of others, too. I needed to get out of working with people who were delivering sub-standard work, who were lazy, not committed and loyal and always procrastinated. I had to go through a process of not only presenting my very first romance novel publicly to the world, which was stressful enough in itself, but I also had to learn to take my own work seriously and believe in myself, in my talent and in my value as an author.


So my first book taught me a very valuable lesson in my personal development:


Respect yourself, respect your work, and only then will others do so, too!

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