It Started With A Blast, But Then The Winds of Change Blew Her Mind



US Navy SEAL Austin meets Haylee in a bar and tries to seduce her for a night, but Haylee has different ideas. After a bomb blast, she saves his life and the two get closer while he is recovering in hospital. When Haylee meets Austin’s family, she becomes close friends with his brother Ash who is also a Navy Seal and thus far her only supporter in her budding relationship with Austin.

When Austin is discharged from the hospital, things take an unexpected turn. Haylee stands between friendship and love. Can she combine the two and find lasting happiness?

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Creation of The Book


Soon to Come...

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An Excerpt


“I did come over and speak to you because I had intended to try my luck with you,” he admitted.


“I know. You needed an initial point of attraction to speak to me.”


“Woman, I have no idea what your problem is, but you should accept the fact that you are smoking hot!”


He’d felt that she didn’t see herself that way and he felt he needed to tell her this, boost her self-confidence in her looks and personality. Besides, it was true. Haylee’s face cracked for a moment. Her eyes travelled down his chest and belly for an instant but just has soon, her eyes shaded over again, the spark was gone and he knew he’d lost. Even had he still wanted to bed her – which okay, he wasn’t sure, if he could turn her down, if she now said, she wanted to, she had no intention to do so. She didn’t think, she was a match for him. He sighed and rose. She might be a healer, but he wasn’t so good and he didn’t want to waste his or her time. Back to hunting, he thought.


“You’ll make someone an awesome wife, if you let yourself be loved,” he said tenderly in a low voice.


It was the best compliment he could think of.


Suddenly, her expression changed to panic and her lips soundlessly formed the word “Bomb!” At the same time, she slid under the table. Austin thought, she’d lost her marbles.


So-called psychic people, whatever they chose to call themselves were all a bit off the rocker, weren’t they? As he thought this, the world exploded and all went black.


“When can I have sex again?” Austin asked suddenly.


Everyone burst out laughing. Only Haylee blushed crimson.


“I don’t believe you said that,” she murmured.


“Why not? I need to know.”


The doctors grinned brightly. Austin had fast developed into their favourite patient, and this latest turn of events endeared him even more to them. The female assistants gave him dreamy, adoring looks.


“If you start slowly and carefully…”




It was Haylee and she looked more than determined.


“There isn’t going to be any slow and careful when I get my hands on him,” she said.


Ash was leaning against the wall laughing tears. Haylee’s face was crimson and she now lowered her eyes.


“I had to say that. I don’t want to fry his brain,” she defended her statement.

Ash was in stitches now. He was barely able to hold himself upright, he was laughing so hard.


“Don’t laugh! I’m concerned for his health!”


“Can you please not talk about me as if I wasn’t present,” Austin threw in. “Baby, I’ve fought five ninja assassins on my own and won. You don’t in all honesty think a small person like you could be a danger to me? – God, you’re so cute!”


“I’m sure that’s what they said about Napoleon before he annexed several countries,” Haylee gruffed.


Ash was doing a stomp in his corner, downright screaming. Even the assistant doctors were unable to hold back their laughter now. Haylee rolled her eyes and poked her finger at Austin’s chest.


“Don’t ever underestimate me. I’m not having daisy wallflower sex.”


Austin made a show of stumbling backwards and clutching his chest.


“Oh my God, I’ve just been overrun by Napoleana!” he gasped.


“Napoleana!” Ash called an echo from his corner and laughed so hard, he was already sliding down the wall in a fit of laughter.


Haylee shook her head and looked at the doctors.


“Welcome to the Adams family,” she sighed dramatically.


“Maybe she should change her first name to Morticia when the two get married,” one of the assistant doctors remarked drily.

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