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US Navy SEAL Austin meets Haylee in a bar and tries to seduce her for a night, but Haylee has different ideas. After a bomb blast, she saves his life and the two get closer while he is recovering in hospital. When Haylee meets Austin’s family, she becomes close friends with his brother Ash who is also a Navy Seal and thus far her only supporter in her budding relationship with Austin.

When Austin is discharged from the hospital, things take an unexpected turn. Haylee stands between friendship and love. Can she combine the two and find lasting happiness?

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Excerpt: “You’ll make someone an awesome wife if you let yourself be loved,” he said tenderly in a low voice.


It was the best compliment he could think of.


Suddenly, her expression changed to panic and her lips soundlessly formed the word “Bomb!” At the same time, she slid under the table. Austin thought she’d lost her marbles. So-called psychic people, whatever they chose to call themselves were all a bit off the rocker, weren’t they? As he thought this, the world exploded and all went black.


Austin woke up in a hospital bed. A woman was there, holding his hands. Her eyes teared up and she bent over him to kiss his brow tenderly.


“I had to say, you are my fiancé, so I had control over the medical process. They wanted to switch off the machines. They thought you’d never come back, but I’ve been pushing energy into you and now you’re awake! Do you remember anything?”


He shook his head and then reached up to touch her face.


“You’re the woman I’m going to marry? I chose well. My mum and dad will be proud of me.”


“No, no! I mean, I had to say…”


It all came rushing back then into his head, all the memories of that night. Haylee. She had tried to warn him and he had judged her. She hadn’t judged him.


“Fact is, you tried to warn me and you saved my life. I think you need to remain my fiancé for the time being.”


“How long?”


He pulled her down to him and kissed her full on the mouth. She looked shocked, but also, her eyes had glazed over when he finally released her.


“You… you shouldn’t have done this,” she stuttered.


“Don’t ask me to regret you. I will never regret you.”


She shook her hand and rose, but he kept hold of her hand.

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The Book's Creation

I thought, I’d start this story with a bang or boom or blast. Well, it did start with it and then it kind of took on a life of its own as I wrote. I had it all planned out, but then things took a different turn after all.


The working title was something relating to that bomb going off in the beginning. The female protagonist would save the male one and then there would be some more action and he saves her right back, throw in a few hot scenes I had all vividly in my head already, and all this would lead ultimately into a beautiful happily ever after (HEA is guaranteed in all my romance novels, of course).


So there I was, writing. Austin is unconscious in the hospital and Haylee, who saved him, is not leaving his side. And then the family arrives. I might have had a little tiff with my dad at the time, but Austin’s dad isn’t happy about Haylee being there in spite of her having saved his son’s life. The mother is more diplomatic, but ultimately agrees with her husband.


And then Austin’s brother Ash turns up. And I hadn’t planned for this brother initially, either, but then, I got inspired by a gentleman I met of the same name and the character was born in my mind before I could help it and there I was, weaving him into the story while binning the first plan of the book completely. Ash has had his money stolen in Vegas, his sister is in trouble and all that amidst Austin lying in hospital with some injuries. And that was where things really went off the script. I hadn’t planned in the sister with two children, either, they just kind of jumped out of my pen. And when that Odyssey was halfway under control, things happened with the brothers. Or better, with one brother, but also, ultimately, the other one.


Ash is growing to be Haylee’s friend. Through all the turbulences they go through together, they really bond. And when Haylee realises, things may have gone past their shelflife with Austin (again, I didn’t plan that at all), Ash is there for her to help her through the pain and loss. But then the brothers are back to Seal work and the sister gets married and moves away. There is not much more than email contact.


When I got to this point, I left my manuscript and started pacing. For about three weeks. I knew how the story would continue, but for some reason, I thought, Haylee might feel like a traitor. I grappled with my own idealism, in other words. But the imagination is a wonderful thing. Not only in terms of making up stories, but also, and this is way more important, because the creative imagination within each of us pervades all of our lives. Every area of it. It finds solutions where the mind or heart falters.


And exactly this is what happened. One evening, I had enough of fretting over my story and went to bed with the decision that I would be ending this in the morning. I would find an ending and be done with it. And it would be a brilliant, perfect ending!


When I awoke the next day, the ending was there in my head, in all its glory, and I grabbed my pen and paper and started to write before I’d even put one foot out of bed. I wrote and wrote, and then I typed it all up. Finally, I held the finished manuscript in my hands. But it wasn’t only a story that had finally got an ending, it had been a process of soul-searching, challenging my own beliefs, ideals and values that had come to a close.


I guess, all of my books, as I create them from my heartspace, have a deeply personal journey involved in them. However, none had been as blatantly challenging and obviously soul-searing as this one to that date. So with each book I’ve written, I have also grown within myself, not only as a writer, but as a person and in my spiritual awareness. With Sealed Brothers, however, it’s been quite a leap!

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Reviews for Sealed Brothers

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Woah! So obviously Tirza Schaefer felt like she needed to blow things up.

Quite an opener for a book. But it works. And the storyline, as it unfolds is really believable. The characters have depth, especially the female MC and the two brothers who feature most prominently and the way the relationships between all of them develop is really interesting and well thought out. I didn't see that end coming AT ALL!


That was quite a surprise how all of that turned out (not giving any spoilers, but dayummm! wait for it! And it's really fun to read all the twists and turns in the story. Not the typical romance novel for sure but I loved exactly this about it. Once again, the author dared to do something different and it paid off.

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader

* * *


Loved it! This book is hot, hot, hot! I loved the character Haylee; she added spice as well as spirituality to the story and her hero Ash is super hot as well as loving! Tirza is a new author that I will definitely be checking more out!!!

Susan Pfeiffer Selva, Amazon Reader

Brilliant book! Read it yourself!

Sealed Brothers starts with a major explosion in a bar after a US Navy Seal, Austen, has just returned stateside. He is rescued by hippie millionaire Haylee who also sets out to save his life at the hospital, protecting him from the medical staff and then going on to help his entire family in one way or another, starting with putting up Austen's brother Ash in her guestroom.


I am not going to tell you what happens then, but it's amazing, the many different facets author Tirza Schaefer comes up with to enrich her storyline. And if you think she has already fired off all her explosives in the beginning, think again! As they say, the best is yet to come! Brilliant book! Read it yourself!

Joyful, Amazon Reader

* * *

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