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I have loved animals as far back as I can remember. I played with my "imaginary" animal friend as a child, not knowing at the time what a power animal was. I had vivid dreams and visions throughout my life. I also felt drawn to different animals at different times in my life and when I found out about power or spirit animals, I finally understood why. Reading up on those animals and then going on shamanic journeys and meditations afforded me the entry point into the world of animals on a spiritual level. The reason I prefer the term power animal to spirit animal is simply because it feels more grounded and manifested to me. You are, of course, welcome to use whatever term you like; power animal, spirit animal, animal guide...You choose. The important thing is to have a strong, loving connection and to trust and ask your animal to teach you and share its wisdom with you.

The Dark Mysteries

Raven is a messenger bringing magic into your life. It is a black bird, and the colour black takes in all colour light waves and does not deflect any, therefore black animals are most sensitive to energetic changes of any kind. This is also the reason why many “witches” and other energy workers are said to have black pets.


In many cultures, due to its black colour, the raven also stands for death. As with the Death card of the Tarot, that is not necessarily a bad thing and should not be taken literally. Rather, see it as the old and outdated making way for the new. You have to let go of something in order to invite new and better feelings, energies and experiences into your life. As transformation can be a bumpy ride at times, as people often have a resistance to change, the spirit of Raven can guide you safely through all the turbulences.


Raven cleanses all that is dead, morbid and unhealthy within us. Under his tutelage and guidance, you will be able to let go of all that no longer serves you and renew yourself to a higher level of being. He is also a great teacher for magical and spiritual studies. With Raven, you can delve deeply into the Mysteries.

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Honesty & Honour

This also means that at times, you will have to move forward blindly. Raven is not always easy to understand or to follow. It takes time, patience and a good set of nerves to have him as your guide. However, it is worth the effort. With Raven, you will feel yourself transform in great ways.


Another useful teaching of Raven is to use your time wisely. As he is here to show you how important it is to be in the right place at the right time, you will soon experience that procrastination is not his style. Resistance will only be met with outer circumstances that force you to act in the most efficient way, so you will learn the value of this approach.


Raven will address your shadows and bring them into a healing light to be looked at, accepted and let go – or, indeed, turned into strengths. As he is a master magician, he might very well convince you of your perceived weakness being, in reality, a strength you can harness for greater self-empowerment.


Another skill of this amazing bird is his ability to speak. Ravens are very smart and skilled animals. When working with Raven, you may also find yourself and your communication skills enhancing.


At the same time, Raven teaches a new level of honesty and honour. Do not give your word lightly and don’t give away any secrets entrusted to you. If you learn to be more authentic and honourable in your life, instead of having one face for this and another for that, you will have many great mystical and exciting adventures with Raven. Only ensure, you keep to his rules, or you will bear the consequences.

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