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I have loved animals as far back as I can remember. I played with my "imaginary" animal friend as a child, not knowing at the time what a power animal was. I had vivid dreams and visions throughout my life. I also felt drawn to different animals at different times in my life and when I found out about power or spirit animals, I finally understood why. Reading up on those animals and then going on shamanic journeys and meditations afforded me the entry point into the world of animals on a spiritual level. The reason I prefer the term power animal to spirit animal is simply because it feels more grounded and manifested to me. You are, of course, welcome to use whatever term you like; power animal, spirit animal, animal guide...You choose. The important thing is to have a strong, loving connection and to trust and ask your animal to teach you and share its wisdom with you.


Lizard symbolises the power of dreams. Lizard? Huh? This wily, wiggly animal is supposed to have anything to do with dreaming, you might ask? Let me convince you that exactly this is the case. All you need is an open mind, a bit of magic and – a dream!


Lizard loves to bask in the sun for hours. He will not move and seems as if he were sleeping. And that is what he brings us as his message. Lizard tells us to pay attention to our dreams and reflect upon them. Go within, meditate and look deep into your psyche. What do your dreams tell you? If you don’t remember your dreams, keep a notebook beside your bed and write down a few words about your dream first thing upon waking up.


You may also want to research lucid dreaming. It is a very helpful technique to connect to your subconscious. And don’t discard this out of hand because your subconscious may hold the answers to challenges you encounter in your life right now, or the questions you have that remain unanswered, which your waking analytical mind cannot yet fathom. The answer lies in your dreams. Get familiar with them, reflect upon them to understand their message. Your subconscious holds valuable information for you.

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The Power of Stillness

Lizard teaches us to find healing and new, as yet untapped powers in the stillness. Deep within you, there is a potential you don’t yet know the half of. When you remain in stillness, you can access that inner sun that is your Source and find that which is still waiting within you to come to the surface. Now is a time of discovery and renewal.

Think of the tree that sheds its leaves, poised in stillness, seemingly stagnant; and yet, it prepares itself for the new spring, new leaves and blossoms, new life. When you shed the old that no longer serves you like Lizard sheds his tail, you make room for new discoveries, new insights and new growth (like Lizard regrows his tail). But first, you must make room for that to come, so you are free from any encumbrances.


The freer you are in your mind and life, the easier it will be to connect to your subconscious with the power of your own source energy and learn from the lessons Lizard holds for you in your dreams. Use this time to slow the pace of your life and do dream work. Also, meditate in the dark with candles, especially those of golden and beige hues and shades of red. See what your dreams tell you.


This is also a time to be sensitive about your own needs. Tread lightly and be gentle with yourself. Now is not the time to push too hard, but to give life some space and time to catch up to you. Slow down the busy, because you might miss some wonderful chances if you rush right past them like a steam engine. If you need support in this, connect with the spirit of Lizard and he will assist you.

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