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I have loved animals as far back as I can remember. I played with my "imaginary" animal friend as a child, not knowing at the time what a power animal was. I had vivid dreams and visions throughout my life. I also felt drawn to different animals at different times in my life and when I found out about power or spirit animals, I finally understood why. Reading up on those animals and then going on shamanic journeys and meditations afforded me the entry point into the world of animals on a spiritual level. The reason I prefer the term power animal to spirit animal is simply because it feels more grounded and manifested to me. You are, of course, welcome to use whatever term you like; power animal, spirit animal, animal guide...You choose. The important thing is to have a strong, loving connection and to trust and ask your animal to teach you and share its wisdom with you.

Your Innate Power

The Jaguar’s teaching is to connect you with your innate power. If you feel helpless or vulnerable, if you experience pain in your belly or root chakra, if you feel fearful and scared, Jaguar is a brilliant spirit animal to work with. Power is not domination or manipulation, so don’t confuse those with power.


When you feel powerless, you operate on a sense of struggle and avoid that which is the root of you disempowering yourself on a subconscious level, like blockages from childhood traumas. This doesn’t mean, you don’t have any power, it means, you are not allowing yourself to embrace your power.


Jaguar is a Native American word, which means “he who kills in one blow.” Jaguars have large paws and a broad head with very strong jaws. They often kill their prey by piercing the skull with one quick bite. This animal is the symbol of power, ferocity and valour, and thus the embodiment of aggressiveness. This does not mean for you to steamroll everyone in your path, but rather to have a clearer vision and the courage to face yourself, your fears, and do shadow work. Jaguar lends you the true sight, not only to see in the dark but also into the dark parts of your and others’ hearts.


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The Gatekeeper to the Unknown

Jaguar is also representative of your hidden desires, those you do not allow yourself to openly acknowledge for fear of rejection from society, family, your partner and the like. When you become one with the spirit of Jaguar, you are able to live your life free from any societal rules and restrictions and you are willing and able to go after that which you truly desire. In this way, the spirit of Jaguar supports you in becoming a more authentic version of yourself.


The spirit of Jaguar also is the gatekeeper to the unknown, it represents the path to the mystical, it stands for loyalty, fertility, strength, beauty and rejuvenation. Jaguar awakens your inner core energy (also known as kundalini) and heralds a spiritual rebirth.


When you allow Jaguar to enter your life, you will become more passionate, confident and gain a deeper understanding of life. This spirit animal helps you to let go off your fears. Changes that occur, you are better equipped to accept and yield to with grace and dignity, rather than struggle against them. In general, feline energy supports creativity, a stronger intuition (or better, being more open and attentive to listen to it) and seeing the bigger picture. You will become more independent because you grow in embracing your own power and will know that you have all the resources at hand to manifest your desires and to live your life in an autonomous and self-governed manner.


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