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Book 1, Free:

Black Veil

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Book 2:

Wild Thing

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Book 3:

Gold Digger

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Book 1 - Black Veil: A man and a woman, fugitives from Iran, are found by a team of Seals in the marshes east of Basra, Iraq. It turns out that the woman belongs to the family of a religious fanatic and is in possession of information which she uses to secure her and her male companion's safe passage to the US. However, there is one Seal who cannot get her out of his head and it seems, he isn't the only one between the two of them.

This is the first book in the 12-part Her Harem series by Tirza Schaefer. The story is ongoing and the books should be read in order.

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The Series

Books in the series are:

1. Black Veil
2. Wild Thing
3. Gold Digger
4. Guardian
5. Warrior
6. Takana
7. Wedding
8. Angel
9. Dream Catcher
10. Naughty
11. Princess
12. Dinner for One