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Charlene is in her first year at college and eager to embrace student life. She lives at the girls’ dorm, works at a hip student café and her two best friends are the most popular guys on campus. Train and Waltz are man whores but would do anything for Charlie, as they affectionately call her. Anything but let any other man touch her that is.


Of course, Charlie isn’t happy about this particular arrangement. Because she’s got needs too. Needs she can't satisfy because of her crazy Fromance with Train and Waltz. When she throws a fit and accuses them of cockblocking her sex life, secrets come to light that she hasn’t bargained for…

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The Books's Creation


I was invited to write a short story with a friends-to-lovers theme by The New Romance Cafe for an anthology. And as soon as I read the message, I had the entire story spinning out in my head. I basically just wrote along as fast as my fingers could fly across the keyboard. As the word limit was 5K, it was a bit of a challenge to keep within the perimeters. However, that's what good editors are for. Dana helped me not only to polish the story but also cut it down ruthlessly until I was within the required limit. Yes, I'll admit, it made my heart bleed at the time, but I am so grateful for her professional skills! I couldn't have done it without her. And while I'm writing the Full Edition, I don't have a word limit to keep to, so I can leave my creativity free reign again.

Download Fromance (Short Edition) for FREE!

Get Fromance (Full Edition) now!



"Ever heard of polyamory?" Charlie asks.

"What's that got to do with weapons?" I ask, completely confused now.

"Poly-AH-mory, not AR-moury, fuckhead," Waltz hisses and slaps me upside the head.

"Fuck, man! Do I look like an ancient Roman to you?"

"Poly is Greek, amor is Latin, but that's beside the point," Charlie says. "You're just polystupid!"

Download Fromance (Short Edition) for FREE!

Get Fromance (Full Edition) now!

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Reviews for Fromance (Short Edition)

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"Ever heard of polyamory?" Charlie asks.

"What's that got to do with weapons?" I ask, completely confused now.

"Poly-AH-mory, not AR-moury fuckhead," Waltz hisses and slaps me upside the head.

"Fuck, man! Do I look like an ancient Roman to you?"

"Poly is Greek, amor is Latin, but that's beside the point," Charlie says. "You're just polystupid!"


Meet Charlie, Train and Waltz. :) The totally awesome trio from FROMANCE (Short Edition) by Tirza Schaefer,.


It got 5 adorable stars from me.


Sweet, steamy and all around fun, Fromance had me grinning from the very first page and left me wanting for more. Tongue in cheek humour and witty banter go hand in hand with a practically irresistible charisma of characters and story alike, and are beautifully enhanced by a nicely flowing down-to-earth prose.

The smut is hot, the feels are all there, the guys are irresistible and Charlie is as cuddly as it gets. Packed punches included. :D And what's even more... the story feels complete, despite the short page count. Not that I wouldn't love reading more about this quirky trio, because I really really do! :)


Two best friends and their nerdy little princess.

One frustrated girl who just wants to get laid.

And a proverbial carrot dangling in front of all their noses. But you'll have to read this to see who takes the first bite. :D


Fromance is a delightful little read. Sweet, steamy, fun, cuddly, and full of all the feels. A short friends to lovers RH romance that's just... perfect!

The Magic Book Corner, International Book Blogger

From this anthology, I've so far read one story by Tirza Schaefer called Fromance that she has kindly supplied me with as an ARC for my honest opinion. It's the first time I've read something before it got published, so I was pretty excited to start with. I can only say, she exceeded my expectations! I felt the sizzle, the desperation of the poor young woman called Charlene, or Charlie, as her two male best friends call her. Train and Waltz are the sweetest manwhores I've ever come across. And I've come across a lot. And me calling other men, even fictional characters sweet, is unheard of. I can't describe it any other way, though. They are the most likeable blundering fools and yet, they manage to make Charlie fall in love with them, frustrate her, themselves and each other all the way through until the very end. With lots of sizzle between the pages until the grand finale!


Yes, it's a reverse harem and it is... Hot, cute, hilarious and leaves you wanting more! I've been told there will be an extended version later so I'm sitting on hot coals here, waiting for this, too. But I have also preordered the entire book, not only because it's for a noble cause but also because I am thinking if that one story is so great already and I have been assured the other authors are amazing, too, I will have fun reading the rest as well. Gonna keep you updated on that as and when. But this story alone is enough already for me to tell you that it's money well spent. And it's for a noble cause. Win-win in my book. (Pun intended in true Charlie fashion.)


Tuari Eagleswing, Reader

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001 MV 03 Fromance Short St 03.png

Greatly entertaining read

This short story is a greatly entertaining read. It has laugh-out-loud humour, sizzling spice and amazing, unique characters. I'm really looking forward to reading the full edition when it's published. The author's witty, fun, yet deep and heartfelt style that gives you a feelgood vibe, is something I don't think I'll ever get enough of.

Bellamy Montgomery, Reader

* * *


I loved it!

It's a short story of three college students falling for each other, and boy! It was cute and hot at the same time. It was precise and to the point. Lots of angst, frustration, love and steam. I loved it, and I can't to read the full book!


Azalea Hudson, Author

Another fabulous reverse harem by one of my all-time favourite romance authors. Here we have Charlie, a girl with smarts, wit, and two good-looking guys watching her six. Perhaps, they're watching her six a little too much because no one is allowed even near Charlie. And here begins the story of perhaps more than just protectiveness and friendship, and it was not only an entertaining development but also hilarious development. This story is as funny as it is hot, and I laughed as much as I needed a cold shower. This was a delight to read from start to finish. I highly recommend this story!


Catrin Russell, Author

* * *

If you want a quick snack of romance, this is for you!

Fromance (Short Edition) by Tirza Schafer is a quick and fun afternoon of reading, that will have you giggling all the way through!

Lots of fun!

What are you waiting for?

Happy Reading!

Alexa Jaye, Reader

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A must read!

This short story had me laughing out loud all the way through, reminding me of myself at that age. Young men can certainly be obnoxious to a fault. Luckily, girls of that age often fall for looks and charm, otherwise, young men probably wouldn't stand much of a chance with the female population.

Charlie is a wonderful character who combines sass, wit and an indomitable spirit with a big heart and her two best friends, Waltz and Train, know what a jewel they have, fiercely screening her off from the advances of any other potential romantic interests, whilst still not claiming her for their own. Because they think, it would ruin their friendship if one or the other got together with the woman they are both in love with.

Of course, Charlie has other ideas and her frustration and attempts at hooking up with guys behind her two BFFs back are as futile as they are hilarious. A must read when you have little time and need a hot pick-me-up.

Morrison Wilderman, Reader

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Reviews for Fromance (Full Edition)

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