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Power or Spirit Animals have their very own way of teaching and guiding you, or just spending time together. They are a wonderful source to connect to nature and the animal kingdom. They can also guide you to the Lower World to work on the deeper parts of your psyche, your instincts and intuition. Check out more Power Animals here.


Healing, interdimensional travel, compassion, love, intelligence, communication, intuition


A Fish with a Womb

The word dolphin is derived from the Greek “delphis,” which means “womb” and says as much as “fish with a womb” as dolphins and whales are aquatic mammals and not fish. There are around 40 different species of dolphins, some live in the oceans, others in rivers. Their sizes and physical attributes vary from the smallest, the Maui Dolphin being around 1.5m long and weighing around 50 kg, to the Killer Whale, which is about 9.5m long and weighs in at around 11 short tons.


However, there is much similarity across the range as well and when taking out the Killer Whale, perhaps, dolphins are very friendly creatures who pose no threat to peaceful humans swimming in the water. In fact, swimming with dolphins is a tourist attraction as well as a great healing modality for children with challenges in a mental, emotional or physical capacity, and many adults have also reported great healing experiences when swimming with dolphins. I recollect reading about one woman who said she spent four hours in the water, crying her heart out and her life has never been the same again since – in the most positive way.


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In my romance book Badass Heroes, the female protagonist finds herself fleeing from an island and ending up in the water surrounded by dolphins who first play with and then rescue her. This storyline is based on incidences of both being reported all over the media.

As well as having great compassion and love, dolphins are also very intelligent creatures. Scientists find new evidence of this all the time. They communicate over vast distances under water, have given names they keep their entire lives and much more. It is a great shame that the fishing industry often employs ways of fishing that kill dolphins by trapping them in the nets. In some areas of the world, like Japan, dolphins are even hunted and brutally killed by people believing that they are competing in fishing, not to mention the incessant pollution of not only the land environment but also the world’s water bodies that kill not only animals but also affect us humans in the most toxic way imaginable. And this doesn’t only hold true for people eating fish and seafood.


The Gatekeepers to Different Dimensions

There is a vast number of scientific material available free on the internet giving information on these beautiful creatures, the dolphins, including many videos, and I encourage you to take some time to read and watch some of those. You may also want to keep some tissues handy, as some are very moving.


Being a sea mammal, Dolphin lives in two worlds, air and water alike. They are the gatekeepers to different dimensions and teach us to move with ease and grace in the different worlds and dimensions we can find ourselves in. For example, the accountant who works as a medium at weekends may have difficulties combing both in his life without feeling torn apart. The archetypical energy of Dolphin can help to integrate this in a healthy, holistic manner.


Dolphin may encourage you to find and show you ways in which you can come to terms with your more unorthodox beliefs and practices. This may range from incorporating your talents in your current job, find a new employer who is more open to your interests and talents or even a change of career to give justice to your calling and do this all the time, rather than only let it out of the box when it seems safe to do so. We often pay way too much heed to and fear the expectations of others, hiding parts of ourselves out of fear of being looked upon as a freak and perhaps even losing our job.


Strengthening Our Intuition

Dolphin teaches you to boldly step into your own and successfully wed the mundane with the spiritual, or whichever other dimensions you are engaged in. Visualising yourself swimming with dolphins, feeling the water of the sea washing you clean and the dolphins keeping you safe and protected while you’re with them in the water can stimulate your manifestation powers and bypass any limiting beliefs you hold about not having your desires and wishes answered and manifested. This is a great way to bypass our analytical mind if we hold too many blockages of fear and doubt.


Dolphin energy can make you feel protected, support you to come out of any situations in your life that make you feel like you are drowning in problems and challenges and give you more confidence to step into your own power. Dolphins are very loving and social creatures and this can also aid you in finding your soul tribe, people, animals and places that are supportive of your dreams and aspirations and encourage you to follow your path to their manifestation.


There is also a strong creative and intuitive energy in Dolphin and connecting with this energy can facilitate you overcoming blockages in trusting and developing your own intuition and creativity, feeling loved, safe and supported at the same time. If you are at a point in your life where you feel you need to draw on such energies, working with Dolphin energy is a wonderful way to heal from traumas, including sexual abuse, develop more confidence and empower yourself to live all aspects of your character and essence fully and authentically.



Sedna (Inuit)

Yemoja (Yoruba, Nigeria)

Aphrodite (Greek)

Ganga (Hindu)

Amphitrite (Greek)

Atargatis (Assyrian)

Calypso (Greek)

Apollo (Greek)

Poseidon (Greek)

Dionysus (Greek)

Varuna (Hindu)

Taras (Greek)

Delphin (Greek)



Heart Chakra

Crown Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

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