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When Jett and Ace, two military men from different branches, meet one night before Christmas in a local bar in West Yellowstone, the two former friends who haven’t seen each other in thirteen years thought they’d have a quiet drink before going home again. Then Sutani comes in, and her head is bleeding profusely.


While Ace looks after her wounds, Jett tries to pick her up. But the headstrong wolf woman has different plans.

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The Book's Creation


Since 2012, Wolf has been one of my power animals. At the time when he first stepped into my life, I was so feline-oriented that I had to do a lot of research on this beautiful canine animal to familiarise myself with it and to better learn the wisdom and medicine Wolf has to offer.


I still liked to watch videos with wolves on social media or in documentaries. One evening, I saw a couple of posts on social media with wolf pictures and videos from the Wildlife sanctuary adjoining the Yellowstone National Park. I researched some more and fell in love with the region. And of course, my mind already conjured up a story.


I have a friend whose elderly mother I adored. She was suffering from dementia and was bipolar. As much work as it was for her carers and family, she was hilarious, sweet and made me laugh each time I visited. Her light will always shine bright in my heart, even though she has passed on since. However, her cute naughty nature had me enthralled and I thought, what if she were an old wolf lady? And thus, Christmas in Montana was born, a lovely Christmas romance as much as a homage to an outstanding soul that has brought light and laughter into my life.

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Sutani led him into the wolves’ house. The animals were still behind a division and could not attack, but really, there was no chance of them doing that unless Ace had attacked them first and they’d have nowhere to run and hide. They were terribly shy creatures and only one snarled from afar when Ace took a step closer to Sutani.

“They are protective over you,” he observed in surprise.

“Yes, this one is Dingo. He loves me to abandon and is rather possessive.” She laughed. “That one over there is Victoria. She’s very old but so sweet. Quite confused, actually,” she said. “I suppose, wolves get dementia, too, although it’s called CDS in animals. Some display aggressive behaviour but not all and Vicky is as sweet as honey.”

She opened the door and led Ace into the cage, explaining that Vicky was being kept apart from the others overnight. Vicky wasn’t scared. She was wagging her tail, sniffing and licking him. He caressed her, played with the full fur at her neck and even gave her a hug. The old wolf lady used the opportunity to lick his face excitedly, making him laugh with her tickly tongue. But suddenly, her body flinched with a strange sound rising from her belly.

“Get back,” Sutani shrieked, but it was too late already.

Vicky the wolf had just vomited into Ace’s collar.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry! Don’t move, I’ll get a towel and clean you up. I’m so sorry!”

In her haste, Sutani hadn’t closed the gate properly after passing through and Vicky bounded off after her.

“Is it okay that the wolf is out of the cage?” Ace called, keeping his head unnaturally twisted and tilted to be as far away from the wolf vomit staining his neck as possible.

“What do you mean out?” Sutani called from outside.

“She’s run after you,” he called back.

“Oh shit! Double shit!” she yelled and ran off, past the cage and out of the wolf house, leaving Ace standing with wolf vomit dripping from his neck and slowly running deeper inside his shirt.

He thought he could go into the kitchen area and clean himself up, but there was a wolf on the loose and if Vicky got out, someone might shoot her. Biting his teeth and thinking of the countless times in his career that had been equally smelly or worse because of bodily functions that were never mentioned when Seals were celebrated as the nation’s heroes, or the best elite force in the entire world, he ran after Vicky and Sutani.

“A bear swipe and wolf vomit, at least it makes for some great stories out in the field,” he muttered as he ran.

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Reviews for Christmas in Montana

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Which woman in her right mind cuddles a bear? A grown grizzly?


And I am not talking stupid city tourists but a caretaker at the sanctuary for wolves and bears? She is lucky she came out alive. Well, she would be if she were real but that's a character. A hot one at that. With guts, you have to give her that. And as to Ace, I have no idea who would still stay around when he gets puked at by a wolf but that man had the hots for Sutani, said crazy woman, so he does.


It's a short story but I love how fast-paced it is. You never get bored because there is always something else happening and all that in a day. And the steamy scenes are just as hot as the characters have their own kind of crazy. Loved it!

Tuari Eagleswing, Reader

* * *

Christmas in Montana is the second book of Tirza's Christmas Tales, and it is hot hot hot! But it's not only that - it's also sweet, gentle, and respectful (including the steamy scenes).

And don't even get me started on the lead characters here! A hot military man is enough to catch my attention, but it also has a fiery female lead in Sutani. Working with bears and wolves obviously doesn't so much as make her flinch, and she is the perfect match for equally fierce Ace, who is currently on leave from his service as a Seal.

This novella is short, yes, but the plot is on point, with the right amount of heat, angst, and action to drive the story to its pinnacle (and that of the characters' *wink*). I especially loved the ending, which I obviously won't spoil, but it was definitely a fabulous read from cover to cover!

So, for anyone looking for a quick but flaming hot read with kinks, this is the one for you! I highly recommend it!

Catrin Russell, Author


He-Seal & She-Wolf! OMG! Hilarious!

He-Seal & She-Wolf! OMG! Hilarious! This story is possibly the funniest of Tirza Schaefer's shorter novellas. The absolute highlight is the aged and demented she-wolf Vicky who plays a central part in the plot. I have literally been laughing tears! My bedroom is in the basement and there are not many authors who can make me feel hot down there, but Tirza Schaefer does it time and again. Overachiever, haha! Seriously? I was in a sweat each time Ace and Sutani get it going on! This book is a little gem and has a proud place on my shelf. I love the cover as well, as Wolf is one of my power animals I work closely with. So on so many levels, this book totally hit the spot for me, or maybe less seriously expressed, Vicky the wolf barfed all over my spot, haha! This is just great! I want more!

Sekhmet, Reader

* * * 

This was such a sweet, and very steamy, book.


My favourite character was the old lady wolf, Vicky. She was so cute and I like her part in their love story.


Sarah Anderson-Pagal, Reader

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002 TCT 02 MSt Christmas in Montana 03.png

A cute, adult, sexy Christmas romance


Fall in love with characters - special ops Ace, a quiet man abandoned by his ex-wife when he’s reported MIA. And a young woman working with wolves at the local zoo.


Carrie Weston, Author

* * *

Great fun!

Great story. I enjoy all these books.


Joyful, Reader

* * *

Romantic & spicy!


This was a quick read & I really liked it. This is Ace & Sutani's story. It was romantic & spicy. I really liked it & highly recommend this book & author.

Liz Ranne, Reader

Short, spicy, sweet!

I loved seeing Sutani be open with what she wanted when it came to her relationship with Ace! I love seeing how both characters fit together so perfectly and seeing Ace over come things on his past and give their relationship a chance!!🥰. It’s short, spicy, sweet and an overall great read!

I loved Ace and Sutani and definitely recommend you read this book!

Zthebookwormz, Reader

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