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I love to explore the Divine Feminine and write about Goddesses. For a list of those, click on the link: Goddesses. To become more balanced within ourselves and, through that, to bring greater balance and harmony to the world around us, we must find greater balance between the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves that each one of us possesses, regardless of physical gender or any other ways of self-identification.

Abundance & Prosperity

Abundantia is the Ancient Roman goddess of abundance and prosperity. Although there is little mentioning of her in mythology, she featured in literature, arts and cults due to her being ascribed the role of one of the embodiments of the virtues in religious propaganda. The word abundance, which features strongly in modern spiritual movements, is derived from her name, which means overflow.


Abundantia is typically portrayed with a horn in her hand that is filled with overflowing gold coins to symbolize her association with bestowing prosperity on those she deems worthy. In the Augustan poet Ovid’s Achelous, the river god, Hercules rips off one of the god’s horns. The horn was taken up by the Naiads, the nymphs, and granted to Abundantia after turning it into a cornucopia (Latin: cornu copiae = horn of plenty), which was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts. It was sometimes also filled with coinage to symbolize an increase of power and overall prosperity through financial wellbeing.

There Is No Scarcity or Lack

In later Western art, Abundantia was often portrayed holding her cornucopia and sheaves of corn or wheat. She was a virtue in action, for example being worshipped in places like harbours where shiploads of grain were transported into the country.


As mentioned above, Abundantia, abundance, means overflow. The universal law underlying this is that there is no scarcity or lack at all, as intelligent energy, or life force, is infinite and thus, there is enough for all – and then some. However, our own mental limitations often hold us back from manifesting that which we desire because we believe it to be scarce, ourselves not worthy of receiving, or of anyone rich being inherently a bad person, etc. There are many reasons, but when you look closely, abundance is in everything that our human experience holds for us.


When we keep focusing on one thing intensely enough to manifest it in our physical experience, whether it be riches or poverty, we get it in abundance, as long as we vibrate this energy, this belief. To put it crudely, if you are full of s**t, you’ll get bucketloads of it. That’s the way abundance works, because energy is abundant. It’s infinite. Now think of how big that pile of… Let’s not go there!

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In my romance novel Sealed Brothers, the female protagonist Haylee is a spiritual healer who finds it easy to allow affluence in her life, meaning she is very rich and finds making money easy. She has understood how the flow of abundance works on an energetic and emotional level, how to attract a steady flow of it in her life and she uses it to help Austin’s family, the man she has saved in a bomb blast.


Austin’s brother and sister both have financial difficulties because of having a lack mentality for different reasons. Instead of treating them as a charity case, however, Haylee deals with immediate needs but then proceeds to teach both how to easily create a flow of money in their lives themselves and allow abundance. True to the commonly known proverb about giving a man a fish so he can feed his family for a day or a net and teach him the skills to fish, so he can feed them for a lifetime, she is not condescending or creating a dependence, but instead, she takes on the role of a teacher and an enabler.

Prayer & Value


So when we pray or wish for abundance, but ride the energy of lack and suffering, guess what you’ll get ever more from? More of what you send out. So the first step in a healthy relationship with the powers of the universe and the use of life force energy would be to get into a vibration that serves the kind of abundance you want, namely love, peace and joy. Money in itself is not energy. It is a tool for exchange. You exchange one value for another, and when you don’t get paid much for whatever it is you’re offering, you should perhaps be working on valuing yourself. As within, so without.



There is no good or bad about being rich. Being financially affluent doesn’t make you a bad person automatically, just as giving your last shirt doesn’t make you a good one, let alone a healthy one, because self-sacrifice is not healthy. When you deplete yourself through over-giving, you don’t respect your own boundaries, and neither will others.


Yes, I’ve been there. I was close to burnout and all I got in return was disdain and abuse, not appreciation, let alone fair reimbursement. And yes, I brought this about by not honouring my own boundaries and believing that somehow, I wasn’t worthy of being respected, appreciated and paid. So I wasn’t. It was a painful learning curve and it took hitting rock bottom to make a change within myself, but I did. So now I am inviting abundance into my life in a healthy manner. Or at least, I am working on it. There’s always room for improvement, of course.

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