Book 1: Izzy

Book 2: Ria


Book 1 - Izzy: Izzy is the product of a love affair between an Irish cop and the daughter of an Italian mafioso he has brought behind bars. This unlikely pair had founded a very mixed family in Brooklyn, New York. However, Izzy was less lucky in love and had a baby when she was only a teenager from an older man. With the devoted and loving support of her family, she has raised her son as a single mum and is not looking forward to becoming a grandmother herself in the not all too distant future.

Her son Rob's girlfriend LaShauna, however, confides in her with a family secret. She has an older brother called Dante who is about to be released from prison and is planning to start a new life. Izzy offers her help and finds him a job with a building company that she works for as mortgage originator. The owner of the company introduces Izzy to Manu who looks after the new staff and helps to run a program for ex-convicts trying to find a footing in society after their release.

Izzy has never felt really drawn to any man but when she meets the younger Manu, the sparks fly and it only gets worse when Dante comes to live with her. In her confusion, she decides to date a cop for the first time in her life to distract herself from the two hot as hell former inmates and runs straight into Yann's arms who is a strong young cop with a weakness for sexy mature women. But how on earth do all four of them end up on the backseat of Izzy's car in the parking lot of her father's and uncle's police station?

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Book 2 - Ria: Izzy's friend Ria is a renowned artist who has finally had her big breakthrough in the international art scene. Izzy helped her set up her business and make it take off the ground. The somewhat ungrounded but loving and deeply caring painter has decided to move house at last and bumps into a young man at a furniture store. Little does she know the hot hunk is none other than the infamous internationally renowned stripper Jordan Jones.


Ria has always been shy around men and her track record has been more than disastrous when it comes to relationships.  However, Jordan is different. The two become close friends but although the shy young man says he has a romantic interest in Ria, he avoids being seen with her in public at all costs.

When Ria feel rejected and humiliated and withdraws from the budding friendship, Jordan has to man up and confess the truth, risking all his dreams in order to save Ria's. Will he turn out to be man enough to do the right thing?

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The Series


The Milf Diaries is a series of standalone romance novel with a milf/cougar theme, mature women being loved by men who adore and appreciate them. The books are connected through main characters being friends but each book can be read on its own. However, to avoid any spoilers, you may want to consider reading them in order.

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