Long before Vikings became a cult series, I discovered the mystical magic of the Old Norse Rune alphabet. Runes could, in a very simplified manner be looked at as yet another oracle tool, the same as oracle cards. However, I have found that the energies and qualities of Runes are somewhat different from those of a card deck. It may be the fact that they are older than even Tarot cards and reach back into the mists of Scandinavian history.

We cannot look at Runes without considering the worldview of the old Vikings, their religion and mindset when consulting these special and magical lettered stones. Pre-Christian Viking society had a predominantly oral tradition and not much was put down in writing. Apart from the fact that a tribe or clan usually knew everything that was going on, which field belonged to whom and so forth, it wasn't necessary to write things down that concerned ordinary daily life.

However, the Vikings had a very rich magical tradition. Magic and religion were closely interwoven and therefore, the Old Norse worldview was a multi-layered one. Nothing was only one-dimensional. There was symbolism, hidden meanings and magically imbued talismans or other objects, as well as paintings on skin and clothes for religious and martial purposes alike. Animals held special powers and meanings, there were signs and messages in nature on land and in the water equally and the Nordic Runes were also kept in line with this tradition, rich in symbolism, full of magic and of multi-layered purpose.

When consulting the Runes for you, I tap into this ancient magic of a people that were as fearless of death in battle as they feared the wrath of the Gods; a people that were closely linked to nature in a harsh and unforgiving climate, yet beautiful countryside; a people of seafarers and discoverers. Dive into the ancient magic of the Runes and let yourself be guided by their ancient wisdom.

Rune Guidance

The Rune Guidance Reading consists of 3 Runes that will give you an insight into your question and situation. I will consult the Runes and tap into their ancient magic to get the best possible guidance for your issue. Please, provide me with a quick overview of the matter you are concerned about or need clarification and guidance on, then ask precisely what you wish to know.


You can also ask for a general, open-ended guidance like "What is important for me to know at this point in my life?" or "Is there something I need to pay special attention to in regards to my personal and spiritual development?"

When I have received your payment and order, I will get to your reading and send you the picture of your three runes, as well as a recorded audio file, containing your spoken interpretation within 48 hours.

Please pay by clicking the PayPal button below and message me your detailed request, providing the email you paid with.

The Magical Runes Guidance Reading is priced at only €25.00!

Give me a quick overview of the situation you need
guidance on and what you'd like to know.

With this Rune Reading, Tirza gave me not only really detailed answers but she also showed a bigger perspective to my question which is very useful. A clear and practical way to gain insight!

Lucia King

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