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Killing It Writing Courses Reviewed

Gina Casto, owner of Killing It Write is an amazingly kind and supportive person but she is also a badass editor, mentor and teacher. Some of you will remember that I have taken part in these amazing writing courses she offered.

I have learned so much and I was absolutely amazed at how jam-packed, not only with information but also inspiration and lightbulb moments for me this series of writing courses has been.

Like myself, a lot of Indie authors don’t have a large budget to spend on editing and marketing and Gina knows this and has priced her services, group programs and individual coaching and editing alike, to ensure that everyone is able to afford a professional when you first start out.

If you’re not on Facebook, I upload all my interviews (and other video recordings) on my YouTube channel. Please subscribe and make sure to turn on that little bell that will let you know when there is a new video.

In this video, I am telling you a bit more about the courses and my own personal experience. Enjoy!

I also invite you to follow Gina by subscribing to her website and following her on all social media.

Her editor website is called Killing It Write ( and you can find her books under her author’s pen name Gina Salamon ( And by the way, her romantic suspense novels are AH-MAZING! You really want to check them out! 5 stars from me all the way through!

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