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Tirza Schaefer, An Introduction

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

This year has not only been full of energetic shifts but I have also gained many new friends and followers. My tribe is growing and because I had taken time out for intensive selfcare and integration of those new energies and insights, I have thought it might be nice to re-introduce myself to all the amazing souls out there I have newly connected with and who don’t know such a lot about me yet.

My name is Tirza Schaefer and I am German from a small city just outside of Cologne/Köln. Being a mother of 3, a boy and 2 girls, Tajun (20), Tarjani (17) and Tarini (12), as well as a cat, Taani, who came to us from Dubai, I tried to find work that fulfilled me as well as gave me the opportunity to stay at home with my children and be available to them at all times. As I’d always written stories and later also poetry, I decided to overcome my fear of going public and published my first books in 2015. By now I have published 24 books in various genres from spiritual poetry, a children’s book, to romance novels, and more books are in the making.

Coming out publicly with my writing also confronted me with the question of how to reach more people and potential readers. Being a spiritual person, I first started some Facebook business pages that I deleted again until I found the real me and was able to express it naturally in my social media presence. I also created a group that is growing organically and quite quickly where I offer inspiration, education and food for thought. I have co-admins who also post in their area of expertise on a designated day each week, so that helps me with taking some pressure off regarding content creation and offers a more varied palette of topics available to members – and I get to learn new things myself in the process, too, whilst giving my fellow admins a platform to shine. Win-win!

So throughout this I have come to realise that I am quite a good intuitive reader, people asked me advice on spiritual, as well as literary matters, and my voice is predestined to weave a magical spell and create an atmosphere of safety, peace and love when guiding others through meditation. I also love to read from books, something I learned to enjoy as a mother when my children were small and that I still love doing to this day for adults as well, so I occasionally do lives where I read from my books, too.

To become a Goddess coach was a natural progression for me from being asked advice, reading cards for friends and using my healing and intuitive skills as well, both in a spiritual context, as well as a literary one. I coach aspiring authors, not only in secular skills of writing but also in the underlying spiritual principles that will help you to create the best possible book manuscript, do editing and help women to discover and embrace their own inner Goddess. I call it Goddess Coaching because I see each woman as a Goddess. I see you in your full glory and divinity and help you to discover this for yourself.

As a person, I am someone who likes teamwork, mutual loving support and cheering each other on. I have never felt competitive or jealous. I am not saying this to make myself look as a good person, but to describe my way of thinking and my worldview. In my view, I see others as part of my earthly experience and the more people are happy and fulfilled and successful in a manner of their own definition, the higher the vibrations of the general atmosphere are that we all live in. You see, there is a method to my madness.

Mutual support is not a goodie-two-shoes luxury, it makes objectively sense. And, as a positive by-product, makes for a much happier and more stress-free life than worrying about going it alone and trumping everyone else in order to be successful one’s self with the lack mentality that only one can be on top and everyone else loses out. Not a nice way of living – or working.

We all have our various strengths and weaknesses and to help each other makes life easier for all of us. We all need help every so often and when there is someone helping us learn, understand and master new skills that don’t come to us intuitively, how much time, effort and, let’s face it, fear-based procrastination, we can avoid.

For your information, my formal qualifications are:

· University Graduate

· Mother

· International Author

· Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

· Founder of Goddess Reiki

· Voice Over Artist

· Poet

· Empowered Empath

· Goddess Coach

· Intuitive Reader & Healer

If you’d like to contact me for help on your personal, professional or spiritual path, you can do so under or book an offer from my Services here.

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