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Thoughts, Inspiration, Education: Thoth - Tehuti

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

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I am Thoth, Tehuti

The ibis-headed god of wisdom and knowledge

You have come to learn a great deal

I love to see all my children connect

Through the language of the written word

In ancient Egyptian writing

We used pictures as symbols for language

You use letters

Your messages are full of beauty and light

Know that you will soon know

How to communicate directly

Writing is the first step to reaching out to others

To share energies

For the written word is energy

A letter translates

To a certain sound vibration

A word is a series of these

But what is a word?

It is a symbol in language

For an energy which you have

Feelings attached to

Write the word “chair”

Read “chair”

Speak “chair”

It is nothing but sound

Yet, in your mind

You have feeling attached to it

Something on four legs

You sit down on with a backrest

If you feel wary from standing

You may welcome the thought of a chair

As a symbol for greater comfort

Or you feel tired

And would rather lie down

In which case

You hold a more negative association

With the chair

Words carry power

And when you combine

A series of words to a sentence

A paragraph, an article

A chapter or even a book

You express thought and feelings

In a way others can (hopefully) relate to

My Spirit Song by Tirza Schaefer

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This is a beautiful tool of connection

But I must caution you

Never to place the written word

Above your own inner wisdom

Words are symbols for something else

And therefore not only subjective

But also limited

Words can trigger great inspiration

They can touch hearts

Yet do not confuse this

With the ultimate knowing

For what is real is INSIDE you

The most beautiful writing

Is but a faint depiction

Of the beauty of Divinity

Manifested and expressed through YOU

Go into the words

Then go BEYOND

And in that void

That nothingness of Divine stillness

You will find ME

I am your inner wisdom

(Copyright © TIrza Schaefer, 4 July 2014)

My Spirit Song by Tirza Schaefer

From the book My Spirit Song: A Spiritual Evolution in Poetic Expression (section on deities) by Tirza Schaefer

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