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Thoughts Inspiration Education: Mafdet

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

My Spirit Song by Tirza Schaefer


Keeper of scrolls

Guardian of the library of Wisdom

You slay all those

Who have come

To desecrate your sacred site


Fierce leopard

You pounce

You slash

All which is not holy

Granting only access

To those of pure heart

You are the symbol

Of my conscience

The warrior

Of my path

Halting actions

Drawn from fear

To force me to become

An ever greater version of ME

My Spirit Song by Tirza Schaefer

When I stand before you

I am facing my inner truth

Ignoring it means more pain

Of my own choosing

Do I choose to battle on

Fighting that

Which I know to be my truth

A battle which cannot be won

Or do I ally myself

With the truth’s sharp teeth

And lethal claws

Only to find out

Walking in my truth

Transforms you into a purring friend

With softly padded paws

Oh Mafdet

Personification of my own inner truth

How long have I fought you

Slashing at my own heart

When all the while

Surrender was what it took

To walk cherished in the light

Of your love

(Copyright © Tirza Schaefer, 28 December 2014)

My Spirit Song by Tirza Schaefer

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