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Oracle Readings by Tirza Schaefer

It is Wednesday evening and I am writing a blog on Saraswati, Hindu goddess of knowledge, learning, wisdom and music, when suddenly the phone rings. Not many people call me at 10 p.m. and I wonder who it is. It is a friend who works as a key account manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

She is close to tears she says, but already laughs again, while she tells me she doesn't know what to do. When I ask her what’s wrong, she tells me to get my cards out. I tell her to breathe and to tell me what is wrong while I get out my German cards, the "Goddess Guidance" and "Ascended Masters" by Doreen Virtue. She tells me that the regions have been reallocated and the one she had thus far doesn’t even exist anymore. It has been broken down in many different ones. She will now have a region that covers mostly countryside hospitals and that this is way too boring for her. She says, she only does the job for the money.

Her second option is to apply for the post of regional director instead. That way, she would still have to go out into the field, but go together with the individual members of her team and train and advise them on structure and procedure, how to conduct meetings with doctors, etc. But then, that would entail more work, but also a promotion.

By this time, I have drawn a card from each of the two decks. One is Isolde, the other Jesus. Both have the theme of unconditional love, healing from a broken heart, pretty much romantic relationships and inner healing. However, she has only until midnight to make a decision and this late at night, doesn’t have the time to walk in nature, hug trees and go within. We need something that works at a more rapid pace.

Oracle Readings by Tirza Schaefer

I decide to try deck #3, the "Universal Love" cards by Toni Carmine Salerno, asking for clarification. The card I pull is “Embrace.” It’s all about accepting and loving yourself, pretty much along the lines of the former two. That is definitely too strong a message to be ignored, having drawn three very similar cards from three different decks. So I push all doubts and confusion aside, following the message of the cards and ask, if she got the same salary, but could choose any job or occupation she wanted, what would she do instead?

She tells me she’d love to go sailing with teenagers from difficult backgrounds, socially disadvantaged or children of parents dying of cancer, etc., so they could get out and have something different in their lives, she’d teach them to sail for a couple of weeks. She tells me, she can weather storms and rain and cold, all that doesn’t faze her. She is strong, I know that. She is possibly one of the strongest personalities I know. And although she always claims to be superficial, I know she is anything but.

When I was really down, crying my eyes out and called her, she was over and had me laughing in ten minutes flat. She is the type of person who sees opportunities and ease where others see mountains of obstacles and ball and chains of weight, while she is already soaring in the sky, brainstorming with all the great things you could do, learn, say, whatever, to sort things out – easily. She is a leader, sometimes impatient and brash, but nonetheless, deeply loving and caring about those who are close to her. She is always ready to lend a helping hand and won’t let you wallow in self-pity and despair for long.

Only yesterday, I watched another friend Leila Hardy’s live masterclass on hopes and dreams and I suddenly remember the part where Leila said that it is important to trust your inner guidance and take steps you get told by your higher self intuitively, even if you cannot see at the time how this relates to your goals, your dreams and your aspirations. And that ignites a spark in my mind.

Oracle Readings by Tirza Schaefer

Being a regional director would not be the most fulfilling occupation for my friend, but it would put her leadership skills to good use. It would also give her team a boss who is upbeat, ready to help and support and a crack at motivating even the most gloomy personality. I tell her as much. I tell her, she will have people thanking her, blossoming under her care and learning new skills, acquiring more confidence. I tell her, those gifts she has are what I love so much about her, why our friendship has such a positive impact on me and that I value and appreciate her for all those personality traits that will make her a great boss. She has the experience and she is really good at her job, even though she allegedly only does it for the money.

There is the briefest of silences on the other end of the phone. She never keeps quiet for long. That woman can talk. But those few seconds tell me, she is moved and she sees herself through my eyes and stops thinking about what kind of qualifications she doesn’t have yet and whether or not having to put in more work is what she really wants. She sees it as a step towards what she wants to do in her heart, making an impact, changing people’s lives in a more positive direction, helping, supporting and leading. And because I tell her how much I appreciate just that about her, she can imagine now that she will have a positive impact when dealing with others as well.

So I am telling her to get her laptop and write just that, write about how good she is at being a great leader and passing on skills and experience to others in a constructive, supportive manner. She has just over an hour left to send off that email. Midnight is the deadline.

Sometimes the best things happen when you don’t have time to think too much about it. Sometimes, you are suddenly capable of great deeds because you don’t have time to think about what “they” want, but who you are and you just express that. I tell her, I love her and I am proud of her and then we put the phone down. I sit for a while longer in silence and think how much I have gained in wisdom from this for myself. Helping someone is, after all, never a one-way street.


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