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Books by Tirza Schaefer

It is Tuesday evening and I have just scheduled tomorrow's crystal blog by Susianna. Each time, I have a blog ready, I add the link to the corresponding Theme page, whether that's a power animal, a Tarot card, a crystal or a goddess. Even the weekly readings.

And you know what I love about this so much? Two things. For one, it's a great system for people to check at any time. You don't have to go through the blogs and scroll yourself to death to find information you want to check up on, I love having everything neatly filed like that. My computer is just as orderly with all the documents.

At the same time, it makes me really proud to provide such a wealth of information that can help others, too. It's like building a library, and each time, I add to it, I have this sense of deep satisfaction and happiness that there is yet another entry. Yes, I'm a total nerd and I'm proud of it. I love collecting and creating information and offer it as a reference guide for others. Quick, easy and to the point.

Do you remember the Disney movie, “Beauty & the Beast” in which is a scene where the Beast brings Bell to his library in his castle and when she opens her eyes to see the surprise, she is dumbfounded and exhilarated by shelves upon shelves of books reaching all around the room from floor to ceiling – and that ceiling is several stories high.

Books by Tirza Schaefer

Back in the 80s and 90s, before there was a whole new digital world out there at your fingertips, this kind of library was my dream. I wanted to live in an English manor house, somewhere in the countryside, sit in my library, which was filled with books, just like the library in that movie, and read and write all day and night!

I had already made a good headstart on it, too, buying old books from charity shops and new ones from bookstores and university shops. Of course, as a student, I didn’t have the kind of money, nor the space, to build such a vast library, but I treasured every single new book I had. Being German and educated on the Holocaust and the burning of invaluable books by the Nazis, I was brought up to treasure books and treat them with great care, if not reverence. My parents didn’t quite formulate it that way, but the sentence “Knowledge is power” was a concept I was familiar with since as long as I can think back.

Disregarding the basement, I don’t think there was a single room in the house that didn’t hold any books. And even in the basement, we had one room that was the flyer-storage facility for the local group of Amnesty International, the probably biggest and most renowned human rights organisation there is. Human rights, freedom of thought and changing something in the world for the better were always linked to knowledge, education and books in my mind. Actually, they still are, and it’s not something I wish to change.

But just as I remember the times you had to buy an entire album to get one song you liked, I remember having to buy big, expensive books for a fraction of the information they contained (novels excepted), which I wished to have at hand for occasional reference. When I moved back to Germany from London, I had to leave a good portion of my books behind because my new place was a little smaller and I had my firstborn Tajun on the way who would need space as well for books, toys and whatever else babies need.

Books by Tirza Schaefer

By the time Tarjani was born, my second child, I was seriously having problems finding enough space and a night of ruthless decluttering made me let go of many things, amongst others, more books. Fast forward a few years, and Kindle was born, as well as computers being powerful enough for you to store more information on than a floppy disc could contain.

I started copying information from the internet and storing it in documents before I finally got a Kindle myself. More physical books had to go to make room for three growing children and my Kindle library started growing. Taking an educated guess, I have probably close to a thousand books in it. Quite a few of them reference, but as I love to read stories, being a storyteller myself, most are definitely novels.

As I am constantly looking for books on specific subjects, I noticed that a few things are not really in one book. Like goddesses. You don’t have one book with an extensive list of goddesses from the world over, giving you “secular, scientific” information like Wikipedia, and also spiritual aspects like you’d find on a Wiccan website, let alone that they would include messages or other information received from these deities to be included. And the internet has it in bits and pieces only as well. So guess what I am doing? I am building my own library.

Digital, free for everyone to look at who seeks that kind of informational mix that I have described above, and easily accessible. I didn’t hold that vision of a virtual library in my mind when I started out on these themed blogs. I was actually “merely” trying to find a structure as guideline for consistent blogging material for myself. But tonight, as I got the crystal blog ready and scheduled for tomorrow, I suddenly had this vision of my manor house library that feels warm, welcoming, loving, cosy, and full of knowledge and wisdom. And I realised, this is what I am building. As the thought struck me, it made me so incredibly happy.

And as I added the link for tomorrow's blog on the themed crystal page, I was so pleased to see that we are already on the third crystal this week. The page doesn't look quite so empty anymore. Number three certainly has brought life to it and that feels really good! And I wanted to share my joy with you all. Books and all comparable ways of collecting and storing information, knowledge and wisdom are really the love of my life, so you can imagine how I feel right now.


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