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Thoughts, Inspiration, Education: Anubis Anpu

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Read My Spirit Song here

Anubis –

God of the dead

Black bull’s keeper

Bringer of light in the darkness

As I walk along the black path

Following the tunnel

That leads to a tiny speck of light

Ever growing

As I move closer

There he stands

In the burial chamber

Slightly bent

Over an open ancient sarcophagus

Beautifully crafted

And decorated in gold

You are made of black light

Tangible and rich

Rich in soft, velvety texture

Your jackal’s head

Beautified by golden hair

In ancient ritual style

You make me float in darkness

In the pitch black of your essence

My Spirit Song by Tirza Schaefer

I’m covered in darkness

Cloaked and wrapped in it

Supported and held

Never was my mind so at ease

So peaceful, calm and serene

Inspite of the mummy

I used to be millennia ago

Held and supported

I can feel you physically on my skin

And yet –

It is not matter

It is a material energy

Of the most beautiful black

I ever beheld

Friend, companion, protector and lover

God of deep secrets

And pathways to God

Loving me with warmth and affection

Adoring me with so much compassion

I hold you

As a tiny speck inside your body

Of your rich, velvety, black cosmos

That is your sensitive love

Divine lover that you represent

Divine lover who you are incarnate

My black knight in shining armour

(©Tirza Schaefer, 20th June 2013)

Anubis - Anpu by Tirza Schaefer from her book "My Spirit Song"

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