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Goddess Meditation: Naunet & Nun

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

In the Hermopolitan Ogdoad, which is Greek for Eightfold, the Ancient Egyptians worshipped eight primordial deities in Hermopolis. These were Naunet and Nun (water), Amaunet and Amun (invisibility), Hauhet and Heh (infinity), and Kauket and Kek (darkness). Nun was sometimes represented by a sacred lake, or, like in Abydos, by an underground stream. This God’s feminine aspect is Naunet. Once there is movement, there is creation. Energy is being put into an order, a formation, and thus, brought into mental, emotional and physically manifest form.

Naunet is the Guardian of the twelve veils, twelve gateways on remote points on land or in the deep sea, that lead to the Underworld. They are the flaws of Creation, the cracks through which Nun, the final void can be reached, the deep, still primordial ocean, the great void.

When we get lost in the daily mayhem of a busy life, we are called upon to pause, suspend all mindless action and retreat into stillness to find ourselves again, our own essence, stripped bare of all encumbrance of mundane life. Once we have reconnected with our essence, put the demons within the stillness at bay that threaten to throw us into chaos, our shadow parts, our fears and limiting beliefs, unhealthy negative patterns and people manifesting in our lives, we emerge from the waters of Nun as powerful, purified creators in order to create from our essence within, formidable, empowered and in control over our own destiny. To learn more about this Goddess and this God and use their energies in your meditation and self-reflection, click here:

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