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Goddess Meditation: Meretseger

Updated: Mar 7, 2020


Meretseger is an Ancient Egyptian Cobra Goddess of the desert and the guardian of the Valley of the Kings. She was a wrathful punisher of tomb robbers, but also merciful forgiver for those who repentant genuinely. She could cause a cobra or scorpion to strike a person or make them blind, but also heal venomous bites and grant sight again. Meretseger loves silence and lives in the desert. She teaches us that only in the silence can we find true healing and a return to wholeness, as well as discover and keep on course with our soulpath.

Services by Tirza Schaefer

Meretseger is the crazy shaman and ascetic mystic, as well as the loving teacher and mother. When she turns up in your life, she brings you the healing of truth and knowledge and encourages you to cast off the shackles of societal corsets and embrace your wild, untamed side. Wear the clothes you want, speak your truth and retreat into silence when needed to recharge and reconnect. Go into the desert on a vision quest, if you cannot go there physically, go there on an inner journey instead. Read more on Goddess Meretseger here:

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